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Teresa Strasser

December 4, 2014

Author, television and radio personality Teresa Strasser got her start as a writer for Win Ben Stein’s Money in 1997, a role for which she won a Daytime Emmy Award. In 2002, after former host Anna Bocci left the show, Strasser was selected to host TLC’s While You Were Out, for which was was nominated for another Emmy. In May of 2006, Strasser joined The Adam Carolla Show, where she served as the news anchor and co-host until 2010. Along with Lynette Carolla, wife of Adam Carolla, Strasser co-hosted a weekly podcast called The Parent Experiment from February through August of 2010. In August of 2010, Strasser joined The Peter Tilden Show as Tilden’s co-anchor, but left the show in August of 2011 to focus on her TV, voiceover and camera work.

Strasser has covered the red carpet for the Emmy Awards for E! and the Tony Awards for TV Guide Network, and she currently works as a host and reporter for the new Scripps Networks show The List. The program features pop culture topics, news and current issues, as well as celebrity news and events around town. READ MORE

Internet Celebrities

Chris Scott

July 25, 2014

On May 14, 2014, Boston resident and Twitter user Chris Scott sent out the following tweet to his 1,000 followers…

“Oh hi Becky who refused to kiss me during spin the bottle in 6th grade & now wants to play FarmVille, looks like tables have fucking turned.”

With those 139 characters, Scott would unwittingly become a Twitter celebrity. After comedian Mary Charlene retweeted Scott’s Becky joke to her 160,000 followers a month later, the initial tweet went viral. Some 23,000 retweets and 33,000 favorites later, Chris Scott has been plagiarized by hundreds of fellow Twitter users and was even accused of stealing the joke by Jordan Carlos, one of the stars of MTV2’s Guy Code — an accusation that was later rescinded when Carlos failed to find any evidence that he had used the line on the show. READ MORE


David O’Brien

July 9, 2015
David O'Brien

Born and raised in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland, author David O’Brien studied environmental biology and later deer biology at University College Dublin. But rather than pursue his lifelong interest in wolves and predator-prey interactions after completing his doctorate, O’Brien instead opted to teach English in Madrid. After moving to Boston with his wife, he continued teaching at Boston’s Cathedral High School and Bridgewater State College for seven years before returning to Spain, where he currently teaches English and science in his wife’s hometown of Pamplona.

In his teenage years, O’Brien began writing poetry, and had one of his poems published in Cadenza, a Dublin-based magazine at the age of fourteen. In the years since, he has had additional poems published in journals and anthologies such as Albatross, The Tennessee State Poetry League, Poems of Nature and various anthologies of Forward Press imprint in Britain. In addition, O’Brien’s non-fiction articles have been published in Hot English magazine and for the Boston newspaper Dig. READ MORE


Jon Herbert

February 18, 2015

Author Jon Herbert was born in Salt Lake City and raised in a Mormon household on the outskirts of town, the youngest of six children. From his father, Herbert learned how to write, penning his first book in fifth grade. As a teenager, Herbert acquired a love of the urban lifestyle and, after graduating from the University of Utah with a degree in English Literature, he settled in the downtown area of Salt Lake City, where he manages a business and writes fiction.

Herbert’s first book, Life on the Dingleball Fringe, is a collection of short stories about a side of Salt Lake City that most may not realize exists. Set mostly in bars and taverns, the book chronicles the misadventures of a ragtag group of individuals who drink heavily, do drugs and hook up with the wrong people. With compassion and wit, Herbert acutely observes the good, bad and downright ugly aspects of living life on the fringe. READ MORE


Michael Sturdivant

April 24, 2014

Perched atop Mockingbird Station in Dallas, Texas, sits The People’s Last Stand, where, in addition to a wide selection of craft brews and hand-selected wines, the menu balances classic cocktails with unique and flavorful inventions created from fresh-squeezed juices and house-made syrups, infusions and mixers. And behind the bar at The People’s Last Stand is Michael Sturdivant.

Born and raised in the Dallas area, Sturdivant has studied classic cocktail techniques, but is also on the cutting edge of up-and-coming trends. He has been churning out¬†innovative cocktails at The People’s Last Stand since November of 2013.

Check out his website for a few of his creative cocktail recipes.

What is the atmosphere like on an average night at The People’s Last Stand?

During the week we usually keep the atmosphere relaxed, but we take cues from the guests as to what they want. We have a relatively cozy space, consisting of a patio, a general area (with high tables, normal tables, booths, and the bar), and a lounge with couches and large chairs. We have happy hour specials Monday through Friday, with reduced prices for beer, wine, and classic cocktails, but Monday through Wednesday we do additional discounts, like half-off food or happy hour all day. That being said, we get a nice little early pop from happy hour, but we are most busy around seven and later. READ MORE