May 12, 2016

Numerous studies have demonstrated the positive effect that music can have on children, helping to stimulate parts of the brain related to memory, creativity and emotional development.

With this in mind, 12-piece Australian musical collective Kinderjazz has been composing blues, ragtime, jazz and swing music for children since Christobel Llewellyn founded the group in 1997, releasing nine albums along the way and performing in some of the most prestigious venues in the world, including the Sydney Opera House, Daring Harbour, Parramatta Stadium, Stadium Australia and many more.

In April of 2016, Kinderjazz’s song “Do the Latin Alphabet” was named Best Children’s Song at the Akademia Music Awards. The song appears on the group’s 2015 album, Teddy Bear’s Picnic. READ MORE


Frank Kelly Rich

June 24, 2014

In 1996, upon realizing that alcohol was being unfairly demonized by society, former Army Ranger Frank Kelly Rich decided to fight back against the overly-prohibitionist sentiment of the American mainstream. Seeking to give a voice to alcohol enthusiasts everywhere, Rich founded Modern Drunkard, a magazine dedicated to the vibrant culture of drinking.

As the owner and editor of the magazine, Rich helped the magazine grow to a circulation of more than 50,000, with articles ranging from “The 86 Rules of Boozing” and “Seven Habits of Effective Drunks” to biographical features on the lives of drinking luminaries such as Ernest Hemingway, Jackie Gleason and Andre the Giant.

In 2005, Riverhead Books published Modern Drunkard: A Handbook for Drinking in the 21st Century, a comprehensive guide to drinking and drinking etiquette. READ MORE


Island Apollo

August 24, 2015
Island Apollo

Formed in 2007 in Irvine, California, the indie rock band now known as Island Apollo quickly established themselves as one of the hottest musical acts on the west coast, earning airtime on KROQ, winning Orange County’s “Best Pop Artist” at the OC Music Awards, performing at legendary venues such as The Roxy and The Troubadour, and opening for Capital Cities and Third Eye Blind. Their songs appeared on FOX Sports, CBS and VH-1, and in national marketing campaigns for Sobe Drinks and Sprint.

Then, in the summer of 2014, the band underwent a bold transformation. Changing their name to Island Apollo, the band has also embraced a new musical direction, one that blends the old with the new, displaying hints of Arcade Fire, Weezer, Queen and Billy Joel. On their debut EP, lead vocalist Ryan Kilpatrick’s soaring vocals explore themes of age, love, trust and perseverence while guitarist Heath Farmer, bassist Addam Farmer, keyboardist Austin Farmer and drummer Matt Champagne craft slickly precise rock melodies that are fun, playful and danceable. READ MORE


Xander Demos

March 21, 2016
Xander Demos

Xander Demos didn’t pick up a guitar until the age of 13, but in the years since, he has grown into one of the most talented and versatile guitarists in the world, a virtuoso whose playing style ranges from the beautifully melodic to the jaw-droppingly insane.

Since early 2011, Xander has been performing with The Xander Demos band, a collection of four exceptional musicians backing up Xander’s guitar pyrotechnics. The group has toured with the likes of Neil Zaza, Buckethead, Kip Winger and UFO and released a critically acclaimed album, Guitarcadia, in 2012.

In addition, Xander recently joined forces with acclaimed thrash-metal vocalist James Rivera on a new East Coast chapter of his Sabbath Judas Sabbath tribute band, which has chapters around the world. The East Coast chapter has Xander sharing lead guitar duties with fellow Pittsburgh natives Bill Staley (formerly of Creature of Habit), Greg Bittner (also formerly of Creature of Habit) on bass and fellow XDB bandmate Jeff Anzelone on drums. READ MORE


Alexander Stanojevic

April 11, 2014

Formerly of famed Toronto restaurants Playa Cabana and Celestin, bartender and mixologist Alexander Stanojevic knows a thing or two about pairing exquisite cuisine with exceptional cocktails. In early 2014, alongside his father, Chef Goran Stanojevic, he has begun hosting his own pop-up brunches around the city of Toronto.

To learn more about future brunches, add Alexander on Facebook.

What do you enjoy most about doing pop-up brunches?

I love the feeling of being in control of the entire operation. The whole process of creating the menus, experimenting with food and drinks is very fun (and delicious) experience. But the best part of all of it is the end result seeing all your guests having a great time and enjoying the event.

What goes into setting up a pop-up brunch?

Anything you can think of that goes into a normal day at a restaurant — and then some. So there are the basics such as: finding a suitable venue that has the right equipment, research and development for food and drinks, buying all the ingredients, preparing the food, preparing any liquor infusions (which can take weeks), choosing the right music to be played, bringing on a great team to help deliver the event the way you want it to, etc. READ MORE