James Beach

May 29, 2014

Author James Beach is fascinated by science, politics and history and is magnetically drawn to the bizarre and the metaphysical. Through his writing, he takes aim at these subjects and fires arrows dipped in satire.

His work is perhaps best described as “tales for grown-up children.” His published works include My Undead Dad, Peas in a Pod, and his most recent book, The Hollyweird Show, which tells the story of cartoon characters and the world they go to once they’ve been rejected by their creators.

James is currently working on a novel entitled Two-Fisted Jesus Tales, a dark satire that explores the belief systems of conservative Christians. Readers can learn more about James and his writing at his website,

What do you miss most about your childhood? Is there anything that makes you feel particularly nostalgic? READ MORE


Nelson Lowhim

April 2, 2014

Born in the bubbling cauldron of Tanzania, author Nelson Lowhim picked up his first pen at the age of two and chewed. He’s progressed much since then. He wrote his first story at five, a knockoff of all the prince-saves-princess stories he’d read at the time.

Life took him to India, then frigid Michigan. Soon he was hitchhiking the mountainous American West, where the outlaw locals kept his journal full of color. It wasn’t long before he joined the US Army, where he served as a Green Beret Engineer and the detritus of Babylon only furthered his literary ambitions. When he returned from Iraq, he attended Columbia University and published his first short story, The Struggle.

Lowhim currently lives with his girlfriend in the Bronx, and his most recent novel, Ministry of Bombs, was released in December of 2013. Readers can also learn more about his books and keep up to date with Lowhim at his website. READ MORE

Actors & Actresses, Screenwriters

Russell DeGrazier

June 30, 2014

Fans of the critically-acclaimed drama Friday Night Lights remember Russell DeGrazier as the excitable Stan Traub, a passionate member of the East Dillon coaching staff in seasons four and five.

DeGrazier attended and received a master’s degree in film from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinema and Television and is a member of the Writers Guild of America. He has numerous writing credits to his name, including 1997’s critically-acclaimed short MAD Boy, I’ll Blow Your Blues Away. Be Mine, 2000’s Attraction — which he also directed — and Sunset Strip, starring Jared Leto, Simon Baker and Nick Stahl. He has also written for HBO and Fox Searchlight.

DeGrazier’s writing agent is Michael Sheresky at UTA in Los Angeles, and his acting agent is Suzanne Horne at The Horne Agency in Dallas. READ MORE

Authors, Broadcasters, Poets

Terry E. Lyle

August 29, 2016
Terry E. Lyle

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Terry E. Lyle is a prolific author and poet who uses her confessional writing style to grant readers a candid glimpse into her soul. After a near-fatal car accident left her hopeless and disabled, Terry has been fighting her way back and has been using her writing to detail her daily battles. In her latest book, Broken, Terry shares the story of her journey through a gauntlet of drug use, homelessness, abuse, depression and near-death before finding her way back to God.

Over the course of her literary career, Terry has received the Editor’s Choice Award, is a member of the International Society of Poets, was a featured author in the Anthology of Expressions by White Oak Publishers, was a featured author with Eber & Wein Publications, and was featured in a publication called Voices, a poetry collection published by Unique Euphony Publications. READ MORE


Wesley Banks

June 30, 2015
Wesley Banks Hope in Every Raindrop

Born in 1983 on the west coast of Florida, Wesley Banks graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in civil engineering. After spending seven years building movable bridges, he decided to focus on his true passion: writing.

In May of 2015, Wesley’s debut novel, Hope in Every Raindrop, was released. An inspirational, thought-provoking tale of kindness and loyalty, Hope in Every Raindrop tells the story of Katie Price, a writer who relocates to a small town in South Carolina in search of a story. She finds more than she bargained for, however, when she encounters the town doctor, his nephew Kyle and the rare dogs they breed.

Along with his wife Lindsey and their two dogs, Wesley recently moved from Florida to Oregon, where he spends most of his time writing, rock climbing, hiking and skiing. READ MORE