Sabriena Williams

August 13, 2015
Queen Sabriena Williams

A native of Gainesville, Florida, Sabriena Williams is an author and the founder of Queen Vision Ministries. After overcoming a traumatic childhood, Williams began to write at the age of 12, and within her notebooks, she was able to find a release for the feelings that she wasn’t able to enunciate verbally.

Williams received a degree in general studies from Edwards Waters College in Jacksonville and a degree in psychology from Bethune Cookman University in Daytona Beach. After her divorce from her high school sweetheart left her devastated and alone, Williams began hosting bible studies and prayer meetings in her apartment’s living room. These meetings gradually evolved into Total Vision Ministries. Designed to help women and young girls strengthen their relationship with God while pursuing their ordained purpose, Total Vision Ministries was rebranded as Queen Vision Ministries in 2014. READ MORE


Adam Bertocci

February 28, 2014

Adam Bertocci is an award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter working in and around New York. He is a proud graduate of the film program at Northwestern University, with a surprisingly useful minor in English literature.

He has penned all manner of produced shorts, most notably the Mickey Rooney Christmas comedy Wreck the Halls; working under his own banner of Guy in his Basement Productions, he has written and directed a double-digit quantity of low-budget short films for the festival circuit.

Bertocci has been a featured speaker at the Anthology Film Archives and New York Comic-Con. His work as a screenwriter and/or director has screened at New Filmmakers, the Tribeca Cinemas, the St. Louis International Film Festival, LA Shorts Fest and the Rhode Island Film Festival. He has garnered press from Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, The New Republic, GQ, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Back Stage, Broadway World, Cinematical, the New York Press, E! Online, Maxim, IGN, the Chicago Sun-Times and Film Threat. READ MORE


Jennifer Davis

May 19, 2015
Jennifer Davis Realtor

Since the end of the recession in 2009, business has been booming in Charleston, South Carolina. The economy throughout the city is prospering and the area around King Street in particular has become a bustling center of dining and shopping activity. As a result, Charleston is now being recognized nationally as a premiere tourist destination. And as the founder of Domicile Real Estate Brokerage, an innovative firm responsible for investing in under-utilized properties on King Street and placing a healthy portion of the street’s retail businesses in recent years, Jennifer Davis is at the forefront of this commercial and cultural renaissance. In addition to their work in the commercial sector, Davis and Domicile have a successful history of brokering grand historic houses — many of which also happen to be national monuments — in downtown Charleston. READ MORE

Actors & Actresses

James Eckhouse

October 2, 2015
James Eckhouse

On the evening of October 4, 1990, the FOX network aired the pilot episode of a show that would, over the course of its ten seasons and 296 episodes, expose viewers to a world of glitz and glamour while simultaneously redefining the concept of the modern serial drama. Beverly Hills, 90210 was the brainchild of acclaimed producers Aaron Spelling, Darren Star and Charles Rosin, and this week on Ten Minute Interviews, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic show’s debut.

It is impossible to compile a list of the best TV fathers of all time without mentioning Jim Walsh, the father of twins Brandon and Brenda. Portrayed by veteran actor James Eckhouse, Jim Walsh — along with his on-screen wife Cindy — served as a strong guiding force for his children, helping them adjust to their new life in California while also helping Brandon, Brenda and their circle of friends navigate the inevitable pitfalls of their adolescent years. Though a job promotion forced Jim and Cindy to move to Hong Kong at the end of season five, they would return to Beverly Hills for brief visits in later seasons. READ MORE


Lillian Graves

September 26, 2014

Author Lillian Graves wrote her first story — a piece of Sonic the Hedgehog fan-fiction — at the tender of eight. Having spent numerous play dates watching boys play video games, she began asking questions about the characters and the worlds they inhabited, and to pass the time, started to script out the missing pieces of the storylines. Along with a childhood friend, who illustrated the stories, Graves would read her literary creations to her neighbors in exchange for milk and cookies.

In her teenage years, Graves turned to poetry, then essays and reviews. And in September of 2014, she published her debut novel, Figure 8, a dark crime thriller about honor and revenge.

Learn more about Graves at, or follow her on Twitter here.

What was your upbringing like, and how did it shape who you are today? READ MORE