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James Eckhouse

October 2, 2015
James Eckhouse

On the evening of October 4, 1990, the FOX network aired the pilot episode of a show that would, over the course of its ten seasons and 296 episodes, expose viewers to a world of glitz and glamour while simultaneously redefining the concept of the modern serial drama. Beverly Hills, 90210 was the brainchild of acclaimed producers Aaron Spelling, Darren Star and Charles Rosin, and this week on Ten Minute Interviews, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic show’s debut.

It is impossible to compile a list of the best TV fathers of all time without mentioning Jim Walsh, the father of twins Brandon and Brenda. Portrayed by veteran actor James Eckhouse, Jim Walsh — along with his on-screen wife Cindy — served as a strong guiding force for his children, helping them adjust to their new life in California while also helping Brandon, Brenda and their circle of friends navigate the inevitable pitfalls of their adolescent years. Though a job promotion forced Jim and Cindy to move to Hong Kong at the end of season five, they would return to Beverly Hills for brief visits in later seasons. READ MORE


Piers Platt

June 9, 2014

Boston native Piers Platt joined the Army in 2002 and spent four years on active duty, including a year-long deployment to Iraq in 2004 as a tank and scout platoon leader with B Troop, 1st Squadron, 4th United States Cavalry Regiment — the “Quarterhorse.” He led over 200 combat patrols in the Sunni Triangle and was named the Squadron Officer of the Year.

Platt has published several short stories since 2013, and in January of 2014, released From the Arquebus to the Breechloader: How Firearms Transformed Early Infantry Tactics, a reference book focusing on the evolution of firearms throughout history. Platt’s most recent book, Combat and Other Shenanigans: Tales of the Absurd from a Deployment to Iraq, is the wry, action-packed and poignant story of his year in Iraq.

When he’s not spending time with his wife and daughter, Platt works as a marketing strategy consultant in New York City. READ MORE


Willow Scarlett

April 10, 2014

Willow Scarlett writes from beautiful New Zealand, surrounded by water and trees and the occasional stingray. She writes queer romance with an emphasis on unique characters and a strong love story.

Willow doesn’t have pets or children, but she does have enough kooky friends to stock a sitcom. She also has a mysterious clicking sound in the wall which gets louder every night.

Willow is active in the local hardcore punk scene and the queer craft scene, which have less overlap than one might hope. When she’s not writing, working her day job or crafting she devotes most of her time to procrastinating blog updates.

She is the author of Wrong Side of the Bridge and Knockout Andrew, which was released in November of 2012. Readers can learn more about Willow on her website.

Which authors have had the strongest influence on your life and your writing? READ MORE


Lori Judge

December 31, 2014

In 2005, real estate agent Lori Judge, a native of Princeton, Illinois and a graduate of the University of Iowa, opened Judge Realty, Savannah’s only full-service boutique brokerage company. Located in the heart of downtown Savannah, Judge Realty prides themselves on bringing an uncommon level of personal attention to the often-difficult process of buying and selling real estate.

Judge moved to Savannah in 1999 and currently resides in the Historic District with her husband and son. She is a member of numerous local and civic groups and organizations, including the Telfair Museum, the SCAD Museum, the Davenport House, Savannah Tree Foundation, Georgia Conservatory, the Historic Savannah Foundation, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and more. With a commitment to environmental integrity and sustainability, Lori earned her EcoBroker certification, a designation reserved for brokers trained to educate clients on reducing their carbon footprints through energy efficiency and environmentally-sensitive design. READ MORE


RJ Johnson

May 21, 2014

Author RJ Johnson was first inspired to write novels when his second grade teacher bound a short story he wrote for his class. Reading everything he could get his hands on, he knew it was only a matter of time before he tried his hand at writing one of his own. In 2012, his first novel, The Twelve Stones: Book One, was released. Within its pages, Johnson tells the tale of an individual who had uncovered a set of artifacts designed to save the earth from certain destruction. Johnson has since released two additional books in the Twelve Stones series, the most recent being published in March of 2014.

In addition, Johnson has also published three books in his Jim Meade: Martian P.I. series, beginning with Rosetta in May of 2012, with the story continuing in a pair of sequels released the following year. READ MORE