Amanda Levy

March 20, 2015
Amanda Levy

Author Amanda Levy believes strongly in the power of food to bridge cultures and bring people together. And in her gripping new memoir, Stop Bullies With 21 Meals from 7 Continents, she examines this notion, hoping to use the communal strength of food to end all forms of bullying around the globe, while simultaneously recounting the remarkable and shocking details of her tumultuous life.

Despite a difficult upbringing, Levy graduated from City University of New York with a BA in Economics and Mathematics and practiced civil law for ten years in 40 United States District Courts before diverting to criminal law in 2013. The struggles that Levy has faced throughout her life paint a vivid picture of inner strength, determination and the power of the human spirit.

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Amanda LevyIn your book, you talk about how your biological mother dumped you inside a toilet bowl after your birth and flushed you. How do you feel this experience helped to shape who you are today?

Since I do not recall it, I am not bitter. In any event, it has made me more appreciative of life. Due to the fact that that I was ditched inside a toilet bowl, I was deaf and dizzy for several years until music rewired my brain. I still suffer recurring deafness and dizziness.

What is the first instance you can recall of lesbians bullying or harassing you?

When I landed in NYC from Paris in June 1983. One of my so-called Nigerian sisters, Amenu, lived with two Nigerian women, Rita and Nneka, in an apartment in NYC. On June 21, 1983, they orchestrated a fight. Both Rita and Nneka pounced on my sister. When I asked them to stop, Rita pounded a large wooden board on my head. It was a near death experience. I underwent CT scans and X-rays at a hospital in NYC. As always, God rescued me.

After that, they fled our apartment for fear that I might charge them with attempted murder. Needless to say, they are lesbians. As a matter of fact, Amenu murdered her first husband. She poisoned him to death in Nigeria.

I might add that I was born on June 21. They kidnapped my son, Jason on June 21, 2003. They like to bully me on my birthday because my biological mother set the tone. They added more days and months. I listed them in my memoir.

While we’re on the subject, I have Nigerian and African-American siblings. My father attended college in NYC.

What was your son Jason like as a child?

He was happy and loved. He was my right hand. Due to recurring deafness, he tagged along to all my dates. During the summer months, we attended Nigerian weddings in Los Angeles. On Sundays, we watched movies. On Saturdays, he took Karate classes at Torrance Cultural Center. On Fridays, we dined at fine restaurants. On birthdays, we visited Disneyland, NYC and Beverly Hills. We stayed at Disneyland Hotel, Sheraton and Beverly Hilton. Sometimes, we attended piano recitals at Torrance Cultural Center.

He was born in NYC on November 17, 1985. (According to my father’s nine sworn affidavits, he listed my date of birth as June 21, 1968 and June 21, 1978. I chose the former). However, he attended elementary and middle schools in Torrance, California. Bullies constantly targeted him. So I home schooled him in Maryland. Maryland, Rhode Island and Florida allow minors to earn a high school equivalency at 16 as opposed to 18 or 21. I removed him from high school in Gaithersburg, Maryland at age 15. He earned his high school equivalency diploma at 16. He was the first child to be accused of sexual harassment because he said “hi” to a girl in his class. He was only eight. The principal and his teacher suspended him for three days from June 21, 1994 until June 24, 1994. When he attended Jefferson Middle School, he was not suspended. The principal was a man.

How did lesbians go about kidnapping Jason in 2003?

On June 20, 2003, a woman named Lisa (African-American) lured my then 17-year-old son to her apartment in Maryland. Next, she drugged him. We were on our way to attend school in Massachusetts. I had been accepted at a law school. I transferred his transcripts from Morgan State University and Strayer University to University of Massachusetts. I home schooled and enrolled him in college at age 16. I found my son’s goodbye note (“Bye, Mom! I won’t be traveling with you to Massachusetts, Jason”) after I returned our 3-bedroom apartment keys to the apartment manager of Allyson Gardens. During our 9-month residency (September 2002 until June 2003), the manager attempted to evict me five times. She did not bother to hire an attorney. She represented Allysons Gardens. I could not afford to pay rent. I endured 50 wrongful terminations and 5,000 refusals to hire at the hands of lesbians because I rebuffed their sexual advances.

Immediately, I filed a Missing Person’s Police Report with a Baltimore County Police Officer. He promised that he would return him. When a female Police Officer found him in Lisa’s apartment on June 21, 2003, she refused to return him. Instead, she also kidnapped him. The female officer forced me to appear before a judge on July 18, 2003. When I appeared, she also refused to relinquish Jason. I believe the three women are all lesbians. Sure enough, they were recruited by them.

After that, lesbians ousted me from the law school in Massachusetts. Next, I applied to the MBA program at University of Massachusetts. Not surprisingly, they also removed me. My MBA male professors pleaded with the Chancellor. Even though I was a straight A student, she still kicked me out in the cold in December 2003. I signed a housing contract with University of Massachusetts. However, she ordered campus police to lock my apartment. She also canceled my meal plan. If truth be told, she intentionally starved me. Abductions, ousters from apartments, events or schools and starvation are all forms of bullying.

What efforts and attempts have you made to get your son back?

I sued Lisa (African-American), the female police officer (Caucasian) and the judge (Caucasian) along with the Baltimore County Police Department (ten times). And I requested FBI’s help (50 times) and the NAACP’s assistance (ten times). They turned a deaf ear as well as a blind eye. That’s why lesbians have continued to terrorize me to this day. I now boycott them since no one wants to rescue him.

My father died of a broken heart on October 7, 2003. I might add that I sent my son a ticket twice to leave Maryland. On each occasion, they hauled him to jail. They also put him in jail whenever he refuses to have sex with men dressed as women. Since the year that they kidnapped him, they made him a slave. To be frank, they began to rape him on my birthday, June 21, 2003.

I discussed marriage with a defense attorney. Every time I attempted to settle a case with him, he urged me to come to Atlanta. When he promised that he would help me rescue my son from his kidnappers, I journeyed to Atlanta for the wedding. Upon my arrival, a pair of judges banned me from ever having contact with him or his family. They might be lesbians or working for lesbians. I did not leave any stone unturned. Once more, I am a mother.

Do you feel that the FBI and the American government have done enough to help you in your quest to find your son?

No. They refused to rescue him. My son, father and I were used as sacrificial lambs to avenge slavery. In 2000, a woman named Kathy (African American) commenced the revenge. She employs persons, police, corporations, or agencies with the letters K or B. Because she hates men, she frames them. Since the day (May 4, 2000) that she prepared the coffee that the CEO and former President of Special Olympics International Incorporated and I drank, she became obsessed with me and the men in my life. We met over coffee to discuss publishing my children’s books to help starving children in Africa. Instead, she convinced his mom that I was the next Monica Lewinsky. I was fired from my Budget Officer/Acting Grants Manager’s position. He was demoted from President to Chairman.

After that, she joined forces with millions of lesbians in USA. What’s more, a judge (African-American) presided over all my cases (at least 30) in Maryland. He banned me from suing Lisa, the female police officer, the judge, the Baltimore County Police Department or corporations in Maryland.

Single-handedly, I went after terrorists and promoted the economy in America. If he and lesbians had not sabotaged my efforts, more than 1,000 defense attorneys would have been hired to stop bullying in USA. Yet again, Kathy has been obsessed with me since 2000. She sexually assaulted and battered me in the kitchen, hallway and women’s restrooms at Special Olympics International Incorporated. In 2004, I sued Special Olympics International Incorporated for wrongful termination and her misconduct. At the time, I did not realize that she and other lesbians had masterminded my son’s abduction. Not surprisingly, the lead defense attorney refused to apologize, settle or apprehend her.

I reported Kathy to the FBI more than ten ten times via Twitter and emails. Since there is a B in FBI, they will not arrest her. Last month, I reported her to a defense attorney via electronic mail. I begged him to rescue my son from Kathy’s wickedness. He did not respond to my emails.

When did you first meet Ryan Seacrest, and what is your relationship with him like these days?

I met him on April 24, 2010. You should ask him if we have a relationship. You may find him on Twitter @RyanSeacrest.

How did you first become familiar with Pitbull, the famous rapper?

Lesbians hired him in 2011. Together, they sabotaged my suits, pilfered my possessions worth millions, premeditated hundreds of crimes with mostly lesbian Latinos at Union Station and other places in Los Angeles. Several deputy sheriffs and MTA security guards at Union Station are lesbians. A deputy sheriff sexually assaulted and battered me on Ryan’s birthday, December 24, 2013 at Union Station around 5am. When I got off the train, she falsely imprisoned me with her gun. Next, she ordered me to attend dinner at the gay and lesbians in Hollywood on Christmas Day, December 25, 2013. When I nodded that I was not interested, she battered one of my breasts with the brochure regarding the event.

I might add that Pitbull’s song “Timber” was number one on AT5 (Kiis FM) on the same day at 9am. Ryan is a host at Kiis FM. Pitbull and lesbians prey upon him like vultures incessantly. I used my iPad to send tweets to Ryan. They stole it too. They also robbed me of all my IDs, wallet and credit cards. Female representatives from American Express refused to replace my credit cards. Bullies never cease to amaze me. Most of all, they blocked my passport. The United States Department of State is taking forever to issue me one. I would like to return to France. I attended high school in Paris. Europeans did not bully me.

Pitbull is a loose Cannon. He is into crimes and drugs. He started selling drugs at 16.

What are your goals with your memoir, Stop Bullies With 21 Meals from 7 Continents?

I would like to promote it on TV, radio, law schools, universities, high schools, and middle schools in the U.S.A., UK, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Ghana, etc. so as to stop bullying on earth.

What was the most difficult or challenging aspect of writing Stop Bullies With 21 Meals from 7 Continents?

I could not mention the names of lesbians in my memoir. They are dangerous. They harass straight women and frame men, among other crimes.

You mentioned that music helped you rewire your brain. Which musicians or songs were most helpful during that process, and who do you like to listen to these days?

On my fourth birthday, my father presented me with a piano. It rewired my brain and accorded me the motor skills to hear. Beethoven and Carmichel were most helpful. I listened to classical music from his radio. We attended church regularly. His father (my paternal grandfather) founded the first church in his diocese in Nigeria. By age 13, I could play up to 40 pieces of church and classical music. I like all music. I no longer play other artists’ music. During the week of Jason’s birthday on November 17, 2009, I composed 32 songs.

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Stop Bullies With 21 Meals from 7 Continents


What is the best meal you’ve had recently?

Soup. I am not well. I was poisoned again on February 2, 2015. Finally, I sought treatment at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital on March 10, 2015. A male doctor prescribed some medication to relieve my nausea and stomach aches. Lesbians infected my food with poison more than 100 times. During my MBA/JD program at University of Massachusetts, I shared an apartment with five women. They planted poison in my half-and-half milk. I shed blood 20 days out of 30 from June 2003 until September 2003. The blood shed ceased after I started eating at University of Massachusetts’s cafeteria.

If you could change one thing about the world or society, what would it be?

Three things. Millions of children are bullied by means of abortions, abductions and starvation. I am one of them. Jason too! And so, I would like to stop abortions, abductions and starvation.

What are you working on next?

Passing the California BAR Exam, completing 250+ Defense Attorneys Called the Shots, 250+ Judges are Gods and 200+ Magistrate Judges are Almighty Gods. Though lesbians ousted me from MBA and JD programs, I practiced law for more than 11 years. California and some states will allow me sit for the BAR.

Having twins is also on my agenda. All men and women are created equal. No one has the power to lower anyone’s self esteem. Since lesbians lack it, they target straight men and women.


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