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Tosh Kodama

December 5, 2014

As an artist, designer and director, Tosh Kodama’s work has an undeniable elegance, and the visually-engaging worlds he creates are crisp, vibrant and inviting. Having long possessed a passion for illustration, Kodama attended Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design, where he studied advertising before beginning his career as an Art Director at Fox Television. He later moved on to yU+co, where he honed his design voice while working on numerous title sequences and commercials for brands such as Honda, Mazda, Sprint and Xbox. Kodama’s diverse portfolio also includes dynamic branding campaigns for BET, the MTV VMAs and the Oscars.

In September of 2014, Kodama joined Emmy-winning creative studio Imaginary Forces as a Director, and his recent work includes a campaign for FXM that stops time to elevate palpable moments in a selection of films from the FXM lineup. READ MORE

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Daniel Kucan

August 29, 2014

Author and designer Daniel Kucan grew up in Las Vegas, in a theater training conservatory where he studied design, carpentry, art and performance studies from a young age. During his teenage years, he developed an edgy, dramatic style and quickly became known as an artist who made rules up as he went along. After attending NYU, Kucan worked as a performer until 1999, when he moved to the west coast and became the lead designer for Hollywood furnisher Mortise & Tenon on La Brea.

From 2005 through 2006, Kucan was the resident carpenter on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and became known for building with recycled and renewable materials. He later hosted Desperate Spaces with Lise Simms on HGTV as well as Sell This House: Extreme on A&E with Tanya Memme.

In February of 2014, Kucan published Full Contact, Collected: The collected stories of Zach, Elroy, and Taro the Hunchback, an introspective, no-holds-barred look into the mind of a modern day warrior. READ MORE


Nick Garber

August 27, 2014

Founded in 2011 in Sacramento, California, Black Jack Comics is an independent comic book studio created by artist and writer Nick Garber, who believes strongly in producing quality comic books with interesting characters and stories that captivate readers. Now based in Mission, Texas, Black Jack’s first comic, Phantom Hawk #1, was released in April of 2012, and the universe will soon be expanding with the pending publication of a pair of new titles, Pendragon and The Ape.

In addition to bringing gritty and dynamic characters to the page, Garber and Black Jack Comics have remained highly interactive with their readership via social media and at comic book conventions.

Learn more about Garber and Black Jack Comics at

What were you like as a child?

I had a lot of energy and that energy usually earned me extended periods of time in my room without toys. However, my parents wouldn’t take the paper and pencils I had in there so I would spend hours drawing characters from my favorite comic books. My punishments were not that long but I would stay in my room drawing for hours. READ MORE