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Dane Cobain

October 6, 2016
Author Dane Cobain

Author Dane Cobain started writing at the age of fourteen, progressing quickly from lyrics and music to journals, short stories, poetry and the first draft of an early novel. He studied creative writing at London’s Roehampton University, earning a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing before embarking on a career in social media marketing.

In 2013, Cobain launched, a website that soon became one of the top book blogs in the UK, and through this site, Cobain made the acquaintance of Jesse James Freeman, the former VP of Community Management at Booktrope Publishing. In 2015, Cobain’s debut novella, a supernatural thriller called No Rest for the Wicked, was released by Booktrope’s Forsaken imprint.

Cobain’s second book, a collection of poetry called Eyes Like Lighthouses When the Boats Come Home, was released by Booktrope Editions in March 2016, and this was followed by a novel called in June of 2016 and a non-fiction work called Social Paranoia: How Consumers and Brands Can Stay Safe in a Connected World in August of 2016. READ MORE

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Christine Elise

October 1, 2015
Christine Elise Emily Valentine

On the evening of October 4, 1990, the FOX network aired the pilot episode of a show that would, over the course of its ten seasons and 296 episodes, expose viewers to a world of glitz and glamour while simultaneously redefining the concept of the modern serial drama. Beverly Hills, 90210 was the brainchild of acclaimed producers Aaron Spelling, Darren Star and Charles Rosin, and this week on Ten Minute Interviews, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic show’s debut.

There was no shortage of memorable characters on Beverly Hills, 90210, but perhaps none burned brighter than that of Emily Valentine, played by actress Christine Elise. The character of Emily arrived midway through the show’s second season, and immediately began making waves, flirting with both Dylan and Brandon and infuriating Brenda in the process. Though her relationship with Brandon blossomed into romance, Emily’s wild side soon became too much for him to handle. After she spiked his drink with the drug U4EA at an underground club, Brandon broke up with Emily. leading to a series of bitter interactions before Emily’s increasingly erratic behavior eventually led to her institutionalization. Though she would make a full recovery with the help of Prozac and appear in later seasons, Emily and Brandon never truly rekindled the fiery romance of their younger years. READ MORE


Beth Moncel

January 20, 2015

By day, food blogger and New Orleans resident Beth Moncel is a microbiologist in a hospital laboratory. But when she’s not working, she’s a talented cook who is obsessed with numbers, and at the intersection of those interests is her website, Budget Bytes, where she creates delicious meals that are both healthy and exceptionally affordable to prepare.

Moncel created Budget Bytes almost six years ago, at a point in her life when she was financially strapped and in need of good food and a fulfilling hobby. These days, over 2.5 million visitors a month come to Budget Bytes for unique, inexpensive recipes ranging from Dragon Noodles to Maple Dijon Chicken, and in 2014, Moncel published her first cookbook, Budget Bytes – Over 100 Easy Delicious Recipes to Slash Your Grocery Bill in Half. READ MORE

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Lauren White

October 7, 2014

Way back in November of 2000, long before most people had even heard the term “blog,” Lauren White created, an online diary on which she began posting regular updates about her life and, later, photographs of herself and the world around her. With each sharply-written post, Lauren’s online popularity grew, and her uniquely honest voice soon became one of the most influential on the internet. The recipient of numerous blogging awards, White’s no-holds-barred writing style oozes with attitude, and long after many bloggers who rose to fame in the early and middle 2000s closed up shop, she continues to post nearly every day with recaps of her life and adventures in and around Toronto. Now celebrating her 15th year of blogging, White is undeniably a pioneer, provocateur and trendsetter. READ MORE


Nick Chipman

July 22, 2014

Nick Chipman loves food. The bigger and crazier, the better. On his website,, the Milwaukee man with the admittedly-ridiculous appetite not only profiles dishes from local restaurants, but also features his own outrageous culinary creations, ranging from chicken wings breaded with waffles to a towering colossus created from every sandwich on the menu of his local McDonalds.

Since launching the site in 2010, Chipman has been featured in Maxim Magazine, appeared on Anderson Cooper’s RidicuList, and mentioned on sites like Gizmodo, the New York Daily News, BuzzFeed, Fox News, NBC News, CNN, the Cooking Channel, Food Network, GQ and more.

Readers can learn more about Chipman and his remarkable food creations at

How did come about? What initially inspired you to create the site? READ MORE