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Sean Russell

February 9, 2015
Sean Russell

Once upon a time, Sean Russell was a mechanical engineer with a crippling anxiety disorder. But after dedicating his life to healing and bettering himself, he became an expert in the field of self-improvement, and since quitting his job in 2013, he has built his company, Menprovement, into a full-time business that currently reaches over half a million men per month. On the site, Russell teaches men how to achieve success in both business and life and how to shape their minds, bodies and souls. Menprovement is a site for men that are serious about improving their lives and feeling better than they ever thought possible.

Russell’s Menprovement podcast, which he started in August of 2014, is downloaded over 30,000 times per month and, like the Menprovement website, seeks to help people reach higher levels of livings and achievement. READ MORE

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Keith R.A. DeCandido

January 13, 2015
keith decandido

Rocketed to Earth as an infant to avoid the destruction of his homeplanet, Keith R.A. DeCandido was raised by a roving pack of gypsy librarians and trained in their vile and depraved ways. A career in the publishing industry was his only recourse from decades of really expensive therapy. He has written some 50 novels, as well as short fiction and comic books, some based on TV shows (Star Trek, Doctor Who, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural), movies (Big Hero 6, Cars, Serenity, Resident Evil), comic books (Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk, Silver Surfer), and games (BattleTech, Dungeons & Dragons, World of Warcraft, StarCraft), others based on his own universes. Recent and forthcoming work includes: Star Trek: The Klingon Art of War, a coffee-table book that guides you in your life as a warrior; the Sleepy Hollow novel Children of the RevolutionMermaid Precinct, the sixth book in his series of fantasy police procedurals that started in 2004 with Dragon Precinct; the short-story collection Without a License: The Fantastic Worlds of Keith R.A. DeCandido; a novel and a short story in the Stargate SG-1 universe, Kali’s Wrath and “Time Keeps on Slippin'” for the anthology Far Horizons; urban fantasy stories set in Key West, Florida featuring Cassie Zukav, weirdness magnet, including “Fish Out of Water” in Out of Tune, “Undine the Boardwalk” in Bad-Ass Faeries: It’s Elemental, and “Down to the Waterline” in Buzzy Mag; “Stone Cold Whodunit,” a Super City Police Department story, in With Great Power; essays in New Worlds, New Civilizations: Exploring Star Trek Comics and Kobold Guide to Combat; the graphic novel Icarus; the adventure “Merciless” for the Firefly: Echoes of War role-playing game supplement Things Don’t Go Smooth; “Streets of Fire” in V-Wars: Night Terrors; “Back in El Paso My Life Would Be Worthless” in The X-Files Volume 1: Trust No One; and bunches more besides. His twice-weekly rewatch of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine appears on; he completed a similar rewatch of The Next Generation for the site in 2013. READ MORE

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Bill Meeks

December 17, 2014

Back in March, we spoke to Atlanta author Bill Meeks about his Dogboy series of books, which began with Den of Thieves and continued with Danger on Liberty Pier and Demon’s Dare. This month, he’ll be releasing the fourth book in the series, Eye of the Scarab, which explores the concept of the surveillance state and examines the very nature of Dogboy’s hometown of Colta City.

In addition to being an author, Meeks is also a podcaster and video producer, and his work has been seen in international cinema, on domestic television and across the internet. To learn more about Meeks and his various projects, visit him online at

What’s new with you since we last spoke?

I got a new podcast off the ground, wrote two books, and got my hair cut. The hair cut didn’t take that long but I thought I’d mention it since I think it looks pretty sharp. Sadly they weren’t able to fill in the patches where the hair is less there. READ MORE

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Richard Bass

September 9, 2014

After spending his early twenties moving back and forth between Essex and Peterborough because, as he describes it, he “wasn’t wanted in either of them,” author and podcaster Richard Bass settled down, got married to a woman he met at a Buffy convention and had a pair of children. Along with friend Kevin Chapman, a former financial advisor, Bass is the host of the popular comedy podcast Best Thing From and the UK’s number one independent gaming podcast, The Mature Gamer Podcast.

In 2014, Bass and Chapman published Best Thing From, Volume 1, in which they irreverently tackle topics such as Doctor Who, Twitter, football and banking. They have and since followed it up with Volume 2 and Volume 3.

For more information, visit, or follow Richard on Twitter here. READ MORE