Dalia Daudelin

April 21, 2014

Dalia Daudelin is a young erotica author who spent years exploring her sexuality before finding true love. She first started writing erotic stories as a young woman in high school. When she realized she might find a real audience through publishing her work, she decided to do just that.

With over 90 self-published ebooks under her belt, Dalia recently released How to Really Self-Publish Erotica: The Truth About Kinks, Covers, Advertising and More! in an effort to help other authors find success in the erotica genre.

Dalia loves learning about sex and kinks, and uses fiction as a way to bring awareness and a more open conversation about sexuality to other women who might otherwise be shunned for their curiosity. The erotic subjects Dalia loves most are the occult, BDSM, billionaires and mind control.

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dalia-photoWhen did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer? And specifically, what drew you towards erotica?

Well, fresh out of high school in 2007 I got sucked into the world of alternate reality games (ARGs). I played one somewhat large one and from there started making my own. They differ from game to game but most games can be similar to a theatrical play, except that the audience interacts with the characters. Writing and playing those characters was my favorite part.

A few years later I stumbled upon a thread on the forum Something Awful by author Delilah Fawkes. She was teaching people how to make money from writing erotica. I wrote a story, and it sold, so I decided to keep going.

Since you began writing erotic stories, are you ever surprised by what your readership is most excited by?

When I first started, I wrote a few stories about bikes… with sex toys inserted in the seats. Imagine my surprise when they were my best sellers for a while! But in general, this job is kind of predictable. If you can think of a kink, someone out there likes it and wants to read about it. Even if you think it’s the grossest thing in the world.

Which of your stories are you most proud of?

It’s hard to say I’m really proud of any of them, because I’ve always questioned my own art. I had plans of going into graphic design after graduating high school but I hated my own drawings so much that I had to drop it. After I finish a story, I immediately begin thinking how awful it is.

That said, there are a few stories I still like. Scandal, Take Me, and Booty Call of Cthulhu. Sons of Sin is newer, but I also like that one a lot now. Scandal, Take Me and Sons of Sin I enjoy because I really tried to flesh out their stories and got kind of into it. Booty Call of Cthulhu I still love because I love horror and Lovecraftian horrors specifically.

Do you read reviews of your work? If so, how does getting a great review (or a mediocre one) affect you?

When I first started I wouldn’t let myself read reviews because I’ve always been sensitive about my art. Now, though, reviews are fun to read even if they’re bad. I try to learn from them. Of course, good reviews make me want to write more stories similar to the one the reader enjoyed, so they actually shape the direction of my writing career.

It seems like many people tend to look down on erotic writing as being less important than other genres. Why do you think this is, and do you feel that there will ever be a time when this isn’t the case?

People look down on anything that makes a lot of money, because everyone’s a hipster. I don’t think that will ever change, and I also don’t think it really matters. There are enough people out there that really love our work. I don’t need everyone to love it!

What were your goals with How to Really Self-Publish Erotica?

I wanted to help out new authors and show them that while this isn’t easy money, it is a good way to get into self-publishing. I’ve actually helped out two very good friends of mine get into self-publishing with this book, and I love hearing that they’re quickly selling almost as much as I do!

When it comes to marketing your books, which methods have you had the most success with?

Marketing in general seems to be a waste of time. However, when I released my how-to book, I did an AMA on Reddit that brought in a lot of sales. If you’re releasing something interesting and can teach the people of Reddit something, I think an AMA can do a lot to market your work.

Do you have a specific writing routine?

The most routine I have is that I write 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off. I can usually get between 500 and 600 words in 15 minutes, and then I take 15 minutes to watch a Let’s Play on Youtube or refresh Tumblr / Reddit.

What book do you wish you had written?

I wish I had written The Illuminatus! Trilogy. I love Robert Anton Wilson’s work, it’s really shaped a lot of my personality. I think being able to write about conspiracies and high weirdness would be very fun.

What do you miss most about being a child?

Creativity without shame.

You can travel back in time for one magical night of passion with any historical figure. Where do you go and who do you choose?

Oh goodness gracious! Let me think… Cleopatra, I suppose! Beauty and power are both absolutely intoxicating, power especially so. And imagine being in on a threesome between her and Julius Caesar or Mark Antony!

What are you working on next?

Hah, it’s a funny one. I’m working on a werewolf story… but the werewolf turns into a small dog instead of a ferocious wolf. Then, femdom happens!


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