Diana Nixon

November 13, 2014

Author Diana Nixon was born and raised in Minsk, Belarus and, after graduating from Belarusian State University in 2008 and receiving her Master of Law degree a year later, she worked as a lawyer for two years. But when her daughter was born, she left her legal career behind and dedicated her time to being a mother. Along the way, she began writing and in 2012, Nixon published her first novel, Love Lines, an epic tale of paranormal romance.

Nixon has since written three more books in the Love Lines universe, Songs of the Wind, Diamond Sky and The Curse of Blood, and in 2013, she published Hate at First Sight, a story of romance without any supernatural elements, and The Souls of Rain, the first book in her Heavens Trilogy.

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diana-nixon1What was your childhood like, and how did it shape who you are today?

It was amazing. Even today, I can tell that is was one of the best times in my life. I have a wonderful family, parents and grandparents who did their best to make my childhood unforgettable, with big family gatherings and magical Christmases. Even as a child, I was very stubborn. Nothing has changed since then. :) I’m the only child in the family, nevertheless I have always been a very independent person, and rarely listened to anyone. :) It doesn’t mean however that I was a spoilt child, no. But I always knew what I wanted — I still do — and I always did my best to succeed.

Who are your biggest creative influences?

My family, friends, readers and even my editor. :) They always give me new ideas for my stories, and thanks to them, my desire to create more and more great stories only grows, day by day.

What inspired the story of Love Lines?

My own love I guess. :) I started working on this story right after my daughter was born, and I was filled with so much love, I couldn’t help but share it with others.

What do you find most interesting or exciting about the paranormal romance genre?

The best part of it is that you can let your imagination go totally wild. You can create new worlds, where everything will be so much different from what we see around us in our everyday lives. You can add magic, or other supernatural elements that will make a story more interesting and intriguing. It’s like living in a different reality, where things are never what they seem.

How have you evolved as a writer over the years?

I think you should ask my readers about that. :) Because it’s always hard to judge yourself, especially if you think that your every work is a masterpiece… Just kidding. :)

I always criticize my books, I read them dozens of times before publishing, and I always find something that I would like to change. But then, I stop at some point and hit “publish,” knowing that even if I had forever, I wouldn’t stop trying to make my texts better. In my opinion, my books have become much easier to read. They are catching, funny and yes, sometimes very naughty. The main thing here is to love what you write. If my text makes me smile, I know it’s good.

Your book covers are very elegant and professional. When it comes to deciding on cover art, what is your process?

I have two amazing cover designers working on my covers. The first one is Jennifer Munswami, the founder of J.M. Rising Horse Creations. She created covers for my fantasy stories and In Your Eyes novel. The second one is Amina Black, she did covers for my contemporary romances. I love working with both of them, because first of all, we are good friends, and second, I can ask them to make as many changes as I want, LOL. I bet sometimes they hate me for being a pain in the neck, but we always manage to find a perfect solution for a cover design. We choose models and discuss the general idea of the covers, trying to make them fit the stories. I think it’s very important for a cover to reflect the main idea of a story, so yes, we work a lot to succeed. Well THEY work mostly, and I’m just being all annoying and judging, LOL.

From your perspective, what are the pros and cons of self-publishing?

The main advantage is control, of course. You control everything, starting from the plot and to the cover design. And it’s really hard to let it go and lose your right to have a word. But sometimes, when you have someone else to take care of your book, you just feel like you have more time for writing, and the rest can be done by your publisher. The biggest problem is promotion, I think. In my case, it takes almost as much time as writing, even despite the fact that a part of my books are published by Nevermore Press; I just can’t sit and do nothing when I know I have enough time for promotion.

When it comes to marketing your books, what methods have you had the most success with?

I think I have tried everything possible and impossible to make people notice my books. I started as a self-published author, and there was no other way but to work every day to find more readers. I have pages on Twitter, Goodreads, Facebook and other social networks. I create book trailers for my stories. It’s not that they are super professional, but I still think that people want to look inside the story before it becomes available in the stores. I post teaser, do giveaways and participate in different author events, in other words – I never stop promoting my books, no matter how good they sell.

Aside from writing, what are you most passionate about?

I like reading, I wish I had more time to read. :) I like listening to music, it always helps me relax or even find strength to clean the house. :) I love walking, especially if the weather is good for it. And as well as the rest of the female part of the world, I love shopping. :)

What’s the best song you’ve heard recently?

Oh, it’s a very hard question, because there are too many songs that I like to name only one. My latest obsession is “Wake Me Up” by Lea Michele.

If you could go on vacation and spend two weeks anywhere in the world, where would you choose to go?

Brazil. I would gladly go to Rio for one of those fantastic February carnivals. Maybe I will do it after I finish writing another book. :)

What are you working on next?

My next book will be a romantic novel, named In Your Eyes – coming December 16, 2014. It’s another heartbreaking story of love and loss. It’s told from two POVs; I love changing POVs, by the way. It shows how important it is to cherish those you love and those you have by your side, because no one know when you can lose them. I like writing emotional stories, and this one is not an exception. So I hope it will stay with my readers for a very long time. :)


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