Hashim Locario

September 3, 2014

Dating coach Hashim Locario believes in a no-nonsense, realistic approach to the world of dating and relationships, and he strives to give men and women the knowledge and confidence to understand not only what they want, but also how to get it. The author of several books, including It’s Your Fault You’re Single: Tips on Finding Mr. Right and How to Have Sex with Two Women a Day, Mr. Locario has been featured on VH-1, FUSE, The Dish Network, TLC and The Tyra Banks Show.

In addition to his relationship analysis work, Mr. Locario is a rap artist and actor, and for the last 14 years, he has been performing in New York, California, Florida and New Mexico under the name “Trends.”

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Locario-headshotWhat was your childhood like? And how did it shape who you are today?

My childhood was great. My family kind of spoiled me as a kid. We were not rich but we weren’t poor either. I think since my family was always supportive of what I was doing at any point in my life helped me to learn how to support others in what they do.

Who have been the biggest influences on your life and career?

My father has been one of the biggest influences in my life. He always worked hard and never gave up on anything he was doing.

How did you become comfortable with the idea of approaching and talking to women?

I got comfortable the more that I did it. That was really what made me more comfortable. I got used to the feeling of rejection so it didn’t affect me anymore. I also got used to the feeling of women being receptive to me when I approached them. So I learned early on that some women will be into you and some won’t. As soon as I accepted that, then the easier it became to approach women.

What made you decide to become a dating coach?

I decided to become a dating coach when I realized that I had the ability to help other people with their dating issues through my experiences with dating. I would help my friends interact with women as a hobby and then one of my friends said I should start to take it more seriously and do it as a profession. So I started doing video blogs, writing articles and then eventually started writing books.

How are your methods different from those of other dating coaches?

My methods are different from most dating coaches because I do a lot of working on the individual first. I teach people to look inside themselves and become the best person they can be and this will give them better results in the dating game. I also let clients know that they will have the best results if they put some work into their dating lives. So my methods are not something that will work overnight, but it will work if you put the work in.

In your opinion, what is the biggest mistake most men make when trying to meet and attract women? And what is the biggest mistake most women make when trying to meet men?

The biggest mistake men make is trying to take short cuts, use pick-up lines or gimmicks in order to attract women. The biggest mistake women make is being way too picky about who they choose to date.

How have your methods for meeting women evolved over the years?

Yes, I am more direct with women than I used to be in the past. I get to the point a lot faster.

When the women you meet find out that you’re a dating coach, what sort of response do you typically receive?

They are usually surprised. Some of them are so excited to meet me because they tell me they never met a dating coach before.

What was your most unique or memorable first date?

My most memorable date was actually at the laundromat. Me and my date had to do our laundry on the same day so we decided to make going to the laundry our date.

What do you do better than anyone else?

I think no one can be me better than me.

If you had the opportunity to meet and seduce any woman throughout history, who would you choose?

I would want to meet Cleopatra. She seems like she would be a freak.

What are you working on next?

I have a short film coming out based on my book that I made for women called It’s Your Fault You’re Single and I’m coming out with my first inspirational/motivational book called What’s Good.

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