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September 15, 2014
Houston Adult Film Star

In the late 1990s, Kim Halsey — better known as Houston — was one of the biggest stars in the adult entertainment universe. Born in Long Beach, California, Houston moved frequently as a child, as she, her twin brother and her mother traveled across the country to be near her Army Officer father in Virginia and, after her parents divorced, settled in the Los Angeles area. After starting out as an exotic dancer and transitioning into adult films in 1995, Houston rose to fame with her appearances on The Howard Stern Show and her 1999 film, World’s Biggest Gangbang 3: Houston 620, in which she shattered the previous world record by having sex with 620 men in one day.

In 2004, Houston was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame, after which she moved to Las Vegas, where she obtained her Real Estate license and retired from porn. In 2008, she was diagnosed with stage three melanoma. After enduring surgery and chemotherapy, the blonde bombshell is now cancer-free.

In 2012, Houston returned to the adult film industry and performed with Keiran Lee in a scene for Brazzers, and in May of that same year, Houston released her autobiography, Pretty Enough: The Story of the Gang Bang Queen, in which she details her rise to infamy, the grinding work on the road as a featured dancer in gentlemen’s clubs across America, her steamy encounters on and off the set, her battle with cancer and the struggles she faced trying to transition into mainstream life.

Houston recently got engaged to fitness consultant and Mutant athlete Valerio Mosca, owner of TeamBodyPro Athletics.

In October, Houston will begin hosting her own show on, the biggest adult radio network in the country. Her show will feature guests from various career paths and all walks of life. For more information, visit Houston online at or follow her on Twitter here.

houston1What initially made you decide to pursue a career in the adult industry?

When I was offered a contract as the new starlet for an up-and-coming new adult company that went by the name Nitro Productions, I had been doing mainstream acting and received my SAG card for my work as Pamela Anderson’s double on an HBO film as well as my role on Baywatch. I had no hesitation whatsoever. Where do I sign? I was not getting famous fast enough, and the monthly paycheck was not so bad either. I guess the fame and money initially made up my mind.

What was it like to perform in an adult film for the first time? Was there any awkwardness or self-consciousness?

On my first adult film, I had a scene with a guy and a girl. I was nervous but once the lights came on, I knew then and there that I had found my calling. I know it may sound cliché, but I was so comfortable in those lights that I didn’t want to leave. I write more about this in my autobiography.

Houston-Pretty-EnoughPrior to the filming of Houston 620, what did breaking the gangbang record mean to you? And what does it mean to you now?

Breaking the gangbang record meant I would be one of the most famous adult stars in the world and I would be able to command a ton of money on the dance circuit. I also would have endorsement deals and public appearances, TV and tons of radio and press of all kinds. I knew what I wanted, never imagining the impact my career would have on the world.

From your perspective, how has the adult film industry changed from your first films through today? And how did you change during that time?

The adult industry has changed immensely since I was in my heyday. We used to shoot on film, have scripts, assistants, publicists, craft service. They were entire movies, not just scenes. It was so different, and I am so glad to have been a part of such an amazing industry at the time and feel what it was like to be a “Porn Star.” If you were not a contract star such as myself and a few greats, then you didn’t in my eyes experience being a star!!! Don’t get me wrong, there was great talent not under contract, but we were the A class.

I made millions and was treated like a princess. All of my films were written exclusively for me.

Now you show up with your current test — negative of course — some wardrobe, meet your talent you’re going to work with, maybe a couple lines and have sex and go home. No box cover photo shoots after, no magazine press for the film, just completely different.

I retired in 2004 when I was inducted into the Hall of Fame. I had a very long career but started late in my life for a porn star. I was 28. I became very known very fast. I was a child to all of it in the beginning and really became the Houston you now know. It was a wild ride.

Aside from any of your own, what is the best adult film ever made?

As far as the best adult film ever made, I cannot really answer that. I honestly have not watched enough porn to be a judge. I can say my film, The Houston 500/620, won best-selling tape of all-time. So the people’s choice was mine. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

What effect did your appearances on Howard Stern’s show have on your career?

Appearing on Howard Stern was a huge factor in making me a household name. With Howard and the E! Channel at the time, it enabled me to show my personality and let people that may not necessarily have known of me get to know me and it was fantastic. I have much love and admiration for him and I will always dabble in radio. Who knows, I may be your next disc jockey! No joke.

What inspired you to accept Brad’s invitation to be his prom date? At what point did you begin to envision a potential relationship with him?

My publicist at the time, Susan, said I would be a fool not to go to the prom. There was no hesitation on that one. It was going to be television history. It had never been done before. After the prom, about six months, later Brad and I started to date for real and really grew to love one another. He is an awesome man, and I’m proud to know him. He was a big part of my life. We’re still friends today.

You’ve spoken elsewhere about how you turned to golf to help kick your meth addiction. Why golf? What about the game did you find most enjoyable? And do you still play?

It’s funny, I didn’t turn to golf to help my addiction to drugs, it just happened to be at the same time. I ended up really enjoying it and focused all my attention on it because it made me feel good. So I guess in a way, it helped. It’s a great sport and I still am an active golfer.

What does a typical day for you look like?

These days are mellow for me. I’ve recently moved out of the country to spend my days with the most amazing man in the world. I am an avid runner and spend a lot of my time with my American Bulldog, Marmaduke.

I attend lots of bodybuilding shows and try and stay healthy and happy. I am always promoting something and now it’s my book. I try and get it into a few book shows a month. I also webcam and make lots of love to my man.

Has your career in the adult industry affected your ability to find or maintain healthy relationships? Have you encountered instances of people judging you or making assumptions about you before truly getting to know the real you?

It’s been tough to have a relationship in the adult industry, but you weed out the bad ones. If they can’t get past that, they are not for me. People are judging no matter who you are. Our society has done that. It’s all how you look, etc.

How did you meet Valerio Mosca?

I told him he was cute 12 years ago at a local strip joint in Toronto called the Whiskey A GoGo. I was their headliner for the week. He happened to be there, and I thought he was amazing. He later found me on Facebook and he flew me to Montreal for a fabulous dinner at Joe Beef’s and then a Kiss concert. It was absolutely the best date of my life. We have been together ever since. It’s been over a year now and, well, we’re getting hitched!!!

Where do you think you’d be today if you’d never gotten into the adult industry?

I have no idea where I would be if I never got into adult. It’s really been a big part of me. I guess, though, if I didn’t get off drugs, I would be in Europe somewhere, loaded, drinking wine!!!

What’s the best meal you’ve cooked at home recently?

Grilled cheese sandwich with tuna and soy cheese on rye bread.

What are you working on next?

Right now I’m getting my realtor license and working on my wedding. It’s time for Kimberly now. I’ve done it all. I graduated from med assisting school two years ago and self-published my book, so I haven’t slowed down in a long time.

In January, I am being inducted into the Legends of Erotica. It will be held in Vegas. I am very honored to say the least; there are very few who have received this award and the stars inducted date back to the early seventies. I get my handprint, boobprint, whatever-print put in a cement block that will be displayed . I am working on being whole and in love with my life, my dog and my man.

You never know what I have up my sleeve, though… I’m always thinking, that’s for sure!


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