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Lauren White

October 7, 2014

Way back in November of 2000, long before most people had even heard the term “blog,” Lauren White created, an online diary on which she began posting regular updates about her life and, later, photographs of herself and the world around her. With each sharply-written post, Lauren’s online popularity grew, and her uniquely honest voice soon became one of the most influential on the internet. The recipient of numerous blogging awards, White’s no-holds-barred writing style oozes with attitude, and long after many bloggers who rose to fame in the early and middle 2000s closed up shop, she continues to post nearly every day with recaps of her life and adventures in and around Toronto. Now celebrating her 15th year of blogging, White is undeniably a pioneer, provocateur and trendsetter.

In addition to maintaining her blog and interacting with fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter, Lauren published an autobiography, Marketable Depression, in 2005 and currently writes for the Viral News section of Playboy Energy Drink’s website.

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raymi-the-minx-200What was your childhood like, and how did it shape who you are today?

My childhood was pretty normal. I have a brother two years older, so we were always in competition with each other and beating one another up, hanging out on vacation, in extracurriculars. Also we were kind of popular too; while I was on the nerdier side of cool, my brother was the cooler hung out with more while I shied away and did my own secret bad girl things ‘cos the town wasn’t big enough for the both of us, LOL.

We have many legendary comedic family stories accrued over the years, typically involving embarrassing and angering our parents in public on family vacations. I shit my bathing suit once, and this is probably my family’s all-time favoured story, and I don’t even care anymore; fuck those assholes, ahhaha.

Yeah, childhood was pretty great in hindsight, but of course at the time you’re a mopey little dweeb pining to get away from your life. I kept journals my entire life, as I tended to spend some emo time alone back then. I wrote about walking to the supermarket to buy ice cream and counting cats and dogs with my mom, when I wasn’t busy reading Babysitter’s Club or Fear Street. Is this too long? I feel like it is.

What initially inspired you to create your blog?

I started my blog because I saw the potential it had to make me famous, and I knew I had the star quality. I just needed the means, and a blog was a good way to get my voice heard and become a famous writer. When I started, I was addicted passionately and obsessed with it and had an audience from day one carried over from the VICE message boards. Another reason why I started my blog, a mentor of mine told me to take my fanbase and harness it myself on my own channel – this thing called a blog from – the rest is history.

How does your online persona, Raymi the Minx, differ from that of your offline self?

Well, apparently she is my alter ego but maybe she’s really me. She’s my inner beast and demons, a caricature that, over the years, I’ve injected more of Lauren White into. I noticed how much Angelina Jolie has matured into this being of elegance, grace and poise over the years; she wasn’t always that good, you know, so maybe people will get over this Raymi the Minx rep that I have and see that I’m actually mature, whether behind the scenes or the image I project onto my blog. I am fun-loving and happy-go-lucky; people do not see the sweetheart that I am, I have been told, and they never will because half of my audience is blinded by hatred for me, which is hilarious because they cannot look away.

When it comes to your writing, are any topics off-limits? And are there any posts you look back on and wish you had never written and/or posted?

I’m pretty open about everything but professional business shit you never show your cards about obviously. Certain things I eye roll but would love to throw shade on, you know? Stuff like that I won’t say because you can’t go around correcting everyone all the time; you would be despised. However, sometimes it’s part of the brand to be snarky. You pick and choose your battles and hopefully you choose right.

I try to keep my man life private but fail horribly at that too, LOL. I’ll make little quips here and there, between the lines style references. I also won’t blog about other people’s business or even mention that we hung out. People changed over the years; they crave privacy now more than ever and definitely have become more secretive. Lots of skeletons out there, I imagine!

What is it about you and your writing that you think resonates with readers?

It’s the full package. I’m sassy and sharp, I got Eminem mouth. He claims he’s ballsy. I can be poetic, or go on hilarious rants, I’m funny. I do ridiculous things and I tell you about them presented in a creative fashion. I’m an originator, unbridled and amusing. Plus, insane. I’m not like the other boys. I’m human and I fuck up but I got style about it, charm, talent and charisma. I just won’t go away either. The ones that love me — that truly love me — won’t go away too. That’s why.

How have you changed since your first post?

I use proper grammar now, save for some slang here and there. I don’t spell words in kewl ways anymore. I’m still funny and long-winded, but my knack for concise captions will never go away.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve gotten for free as a result of your site?

Expensive weekend party with bottomless budget and I brought all my friends as entourage, VIP all the way: Limo, hotel, nightclub, shopping spree, hair for all of us, free meals out morning, noon, night. It was bananas. Go back to the Blonde Raymi years…


How do you think your life would be different today if you had never started a blog?

I’d be a lawyer and less of an alcoholic. Ha. No, I would have been more straight-laced, gotten a career (because I was born with a competitive drive and need to achieve) but instead, I achieved at blogging, which turns out is more lucrative for some than others. But I‘ve always had this mild slacker streak and “yeah, yeah, it’s gonna happen” attitude. But now I’d like to be more about commerce and get as disgustingly wealthy as I can before it’s too late, which involves living the dream again or posing like it. Rocking the party girl lifestyle but at least I’m 31 and you don’t apparently become an adult until you’re 34, from a bank loan institution point of view. Therefore I am not ex-wives of rock age, so I can get away with upping the ante, the minxing. True to form, it’s just a sidelong strategy to my book.

What is your drink of choice?

Vodka, tequila, beer, red wine. In that order, not all at the same time.

How did you initially get into burlesque dancing, and how did it feel to perform in front of an audience for the first time?

I think I needed a new marketing lever to just go out there and do it. Well, there are two waves in my timeline of performing burlesque. The second wave might have been the more nerve-wracking of the two because I went out on my own and then cultivated a troupe for each gig. When I decided to go at it the first time, I was lying on my penthouse loungechair on like the 30th floor of Loew’s in Miami listening to Flock of Seagulls, in and out of a daydream and I pictured myself and a girl I know in lifeguard attire dancing to “I Ran.” When I got back from holiday, the very first thing I did was put that dance together.

At the time, it appeared a bit of a mess and my own “friends” were super scathing about it in the comment section of The Grid but all folded like a house of cards eventually doing burlesque their fucking selves. I spin-doctored to The Grid that there was a burlesque revival in town afoot and then it happened.

Well, anyway, I’m about to burlesque perform again and my dancing has become a lot better despite not showing anyone save for my private audience friends. I really, truly enjoy dancing and performing well; it is just hard to select the best style that I succeed most in because I love them all. The solution is creating your own style of dance, like I listen to soca and just imitate how I think people dance to that. Some people have rhythm and need to expel energy through dancing. I have always danced. Alone or lessons as a kid.

My first crack at burlesque was joining the Harlettes when I was 27. I did that for about a year. It was crazy fun and a lot of crazy and a lot of work. I wish I had invested in proper shoes at the time in hindsight. Burlesque is all about the shoes and then faking the rest until you make it.

What’s the best meal you’ve eaten recently?

Seared scallops. Really into scallops right now. I eat chicken wings often and by the time this goes live, I will have been at a major foodievent, eating and drinking it dry, so I will get back to you!

On a typical day, what websites do you frequent?

Uh oh! Haha. Well all my own social feeds and platforms of course, then the garbage guilty pleasures of Buzzfeed and Jezebel, Dailydot, a few Reddit forums, Street Carnage, Tumblr black holes. I’m dicking around on which is a royal hot mess. I play YouTube videos all day long and, when I discover new shit, I’ll comment then get dumped onto Google+ for a bit, then I’ll stalk all my friends’ feeds. Lots of time is spent Instagramming and checking for likes and posing in the mirror. Somewhere in all of that, I will blog and make time to work on my book.

In the movie version of your life, what song plays during the closing credits?

Woah, good question. I am impressed.

“A Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke. But that would probably get played earlier on in the movie, so it would have to be a different song by him. Like “Ease My Troublin’ Mind” or “You Were Made for Me.”

Whatever song it is, it’s so good people will instantly need to Shazam and hear it again. I try and curate everything that I do to instill a need for obsession.

Where or when do you feel happiest or most alive?

When it finally hits me that I lead a charmed life and to just enjoy it. Enjoy the things that I am doing instead of stewing. Being grateful and the nagging thought finally goes away. A really good tune coupled with sunshine. When I am running also. And travel. And learning about myself. Being in love with someone, albeit a can of worms, can make me feel most alive. I am Raymi the Minx after all.

Thank you for your time, xo.

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