March 11, 2015

Born in 1962 to Murray Jay and Rose Annette Mabin, minister and radio host RobinLynne was raised in Tacoma, Washington and, at the age of 17, enlisted in the United States Air Force, where she developed skills in the fields of telecommunications and computer operations. But a sexual assault early in her military career left her with severe post-traumatic stress disorder and, for over 20 years, her condition went undiagnosed and untreated.

Since overcoming depression and homelessness brought on by her condition, RobinLynne has found her calling as a minister and the founder of Vibes-Live Radio, where she provides exposure to business owners, independent artist and other ministries from around the world. In addition, she is a proud member of Total Victory Christian Center and a community advocate for Family in Distress, a non-profit organization serving South Florida.

To learn more about RobinLynne, visit her online at robinlynnesproductions.ning.com.

What was your childhood like, and how did it shape who you are today?

I loved growing up; I remember always laughing and running. I have three brothers and one sister; my father and brother are both musicians so there was always music. My mother took in foster kids, and that’s where I get the urgency to serve, and I’m super smart because my sister, being five years older, would come home from school and teach me everything she learned in class. I entered kindergarten with a sixth grade education level.

Growing up, who were your biggest influences and role models?

Definitely my sister, and my mother who always encouraged me to march the beat of my own drum. My father who taught me about music, the love of music. And Mr. Stephen, my sixth grade math teacher. I got to play him in a game of checkers for being the first one to get all 100 questions done, LOL. Many of the students finished before I did and had some wrong answers. Even I did, but I sat down and kept at it, and it took me three tries. The others said it was not fair, but the teacher said whoever got them right first, not how many times it took to get the answers right, LOL.

What inspired you to join the Air Force?

Robert T. Lucky. He was a friend of mine and he saw me headed for trouble. I was skipping class and hanging out. He made sure I was in school, but he encouraged me to go in the service. I was 17 when I left home.

When and how did you initially realize that you were suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder?

Approximately ten years after I got out of the Air Force, I had an accident and ended up at a V.A. hospital in Seattle. A social worker began to take my history and something about my story made her ask me if I had suffered rape or any other trauma, and I told her about the rape I experienced one month after I enlisted. I had never told anyone what happened to me.

After leaving the Air Force, what effect did your post-traumatic stress disorder have on your life?

I was not diagnosed with PTSD until 1997, a full ten years after leaving the service. The PTSD was gradually getting worse in me and contributed to homelessness, drug abuse, and also just a complete disconnect from myself, my family, and even the world, leaving me unable to work, raise my children or even take care of myself. I felt completely ashamed and out of place, and I knew something was wrong but I didn’t know what. And people judged me so harshly, especially people close to me that knew me well, and expected more from me. Nobody, including myself, realized how sick I was, and still am to this day. I have learned to manage quite well, and I am still in therapy and on meds, but I still experience the disconnect, and it’s still hard to maintain relationships and work and function in normal standards, but I do have a great life and I do my best to give back and help others.

How did Vibes-Live Radio come about?

MC Frozen1 on London, a DJ I encountered on the internet when I was producing a talk show for an R&B artist. He told me he wanted to create a radio station, that it’s a lot of work and he needed help. I had no experience but he allowed me to help him. So he, myself and a few others put our heads together and came up with the concept and logo, and we went live on now defunct BlogTV in 2010, where we built up to our first 1000 fans and listeners in three weeks time! Frozen wanted the station on a private server, and it took me a year and a half to learn how to do it. When I got the server live, MC Frozen1 said I did such a great job and he gave VIBES-LIVE over to me to run.

Today, in addition to our own server, we are also on FM Caster, Listen2myradio, Radio Loyalty and Spreaker, We won three Spreaker radio awards in 2014 for best talk show, best DJ presenter, and best gospel, and on the same network we gained over 300,000 listeners in less than one year. Still growing at phenomenal rates we are now at over 456,000 listeners and will soon be at the 1 million mark. Amazing, simply amazing!

When it comes to marketing your radio network, what methods have you had the most success with?

Marketing is easy using the social networks, I am connected to almost every social service that exists, and I take time to communicate and support the people encounter, I simply show them that I care by leaving comments and sharing there content along with my own, and boom! It takes a lot of time but it’s the single most thing that I do that makes us expand.

When did you become a minister, and how did that come about?

No one was more surprised than me when I got the calling. I was not raised in church, and had not even been attending. Several years ago, I was smoking crack cocaine and it triggered a psychotic episode as well as an overdose. The police were called and, when I was about to be arrested, the paramedics took my blood pressure which was so elevated I had to be hospitalized, where they then determined that my kidneys were not working. I was extremely agitated and rambling and acting out, they even gave me Valium in an attempt to sedate me. Four hours later, I was still raging so loud they moved me to the rear of the emergency room, away from everybody. At some point I perceived a presence and I started screaming that I was in trouble and for someone to help me. I kept saying over and over, “God is not pleased, he is not happy!” I was gone. I finally fell asleep and when I woke up my kidneys were restored, and to my surprise I was released and sent home. I then threw out the rest of the dope still there in the house, and I went to church as soon as I was able, and I never had the desire to do cocaine after that experience.

I got truly saved and baptized and I was so amazed at what was happening to me, though I could not explain it. I have always had a heart to help people, but I began studying the word of God, and I began to speak it out loud. I searched myself for a whole year before I finally answered the call. I wasn’t sure if I was even worthy because of all I had been through and all I had done but I found peace, went to school and was inducted into ministry in January of 2011.

If you could change one thing about the world or society, what would it be?

One thing i would surely change is the attitude towards the homeless. I would like to take the less out of homeless, as we work, go to school, pay taxes and we vote just like everybody else. We are all homies and nobody should be considered less, just because of there circumstances. With hard work, honesty, and love everything can be overcome if we stand together and not tear each other apart because of the differences.

What’s the best song you’ve heard recently?

The best song I have listened to lately is entitled “Dance On and On” by the Olode Twins, a group I manage from Nigeria. The release of this single TBA, stay tuned and THANKS FOR KEEPING THE VIBES-LIVE!


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