Sabriena Williams

August 13, 2015
Queen Sabriena Williams

A native of Gainesville, Florida, Sabriena Williams is an author and the founder of Queen Vision Ministries. After overcoming a traumatic childhood, Williams began to write at the age of 12, and within her notebooks, she was able to find a release for the feelings that she wasn’t able to enunciate verbally.

Williams received a degree in general studies from Edwards Waters College in Jacksonville and a degree in psychology from Bethune Cookman University in Daytona Beach. After her divorce from her high school sweetheart left her devastated and alone, Williams began hosting bible studies and prayer meetings in her apartment’s living room. These meetings gradually evolved into Total Vision Ministries. Designed to help women and young girls strengthen their relationship with God while pursuing their ordained purpose, Total Vision Ministries was rebranded as Queen Vision Ministries in 2014.

Sabriena hopes to use her God-given talents and gifts to spread the word of God via outreach projects including speaking engagements, personal interaction and published books. Her first work, An Inspirational Touch Embracing the Touch From God, was published in 2006 and, within its pages, Williams shares her personal story of overcoming hardship through faith.

Sabriena’s other published books include Wait on the Lord, I Say Wait (2008), The Chocolate Drip (2012), Living the Word, Straight No Chaser (2013) and A Royal Word of Encouragement (2014).

To learn more about Sabriena, her ministry and her books, visit her online at

How did your experiences during childhood help to shape who you are today?

My childhood experiences helped me to see that regardless of your current situation, God is always with you. My childhood came with lots of ups and downs, but God put stability in my life once I was placed with my grandparents to live. Through my childhood trauma, I realized that my hurt was not my future. I went through that season to help others who are not strong enough to face their hurt head on.

What did you learn about yourself during and after your divorce?

What I learned about myself after the divorce is that I had a really good husband. A man that loved me and our children unconditionally. He was placed in my life to show me true love. After my divorce, I discovered that during my divorce, I did not love myself the way I needed to. As a result of my divorce, I was able to start a ministry for other hurting women and this year I celebrate 11 years.

How has Queen Vision Ministries grown over the years, and what are the most rewarding aspects of your role within the organization?

Queen Vision ministries has been able to reach thousands of women within the 11 years. The most rewarding aspect for me is to actually see the women who I was able to reach now walking in their own purpose and ministries.

Who have been your biggest inspirations and influences over the course of your life?

My biggest inspiration has been my grandparents, who raised me as their own. My grandparents were not selfish; they made sure I had eveything I needed and more. Both of my grandparents transitioned — at age 95 and 91 — but they are still here with me in spirit. Their spirit still guides me each day.

Does writing come easy to you? If so, has it always?

Writing comes very easy for me. I love writing. Writing is very therapeutic for me. Me and paper are really good friends. I feel the most peace when I am writing and sharing my thoughts on paper.

How have you grown as a writer since your younger days?

I have grown to where I am writing for other people. I started a ghostwriting business eight months ago. To date, I have five active clients who will be releasing their books very soon.

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A Royal Word of Encouragement


If you could change one thing about the world or society, what would it be?

If I could change one thing about our society, it would be helping people to discover that we are more alike than different.

What does a typical day for you look like?

I work 9-5 most days. I usually arise early to get my day started with prayer and then proceed throughout the day. I usually use the evenngs to write or just reflect on my day.

What do you do when you need to relax or clear your mind?

I like to listen to soothing music or read.

What’s the best book you’ve read recently?

The best book I’ve ever read is the bible. Recently I read a book by Kandra Albury titled From Foodstamps to Favor. The book was very insighful.

What are you working on next?

My next project is building my Queen Empire, which would consist of a Queen T-shirt clothing line, other Queen apparel and perfumes.


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