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Nicola Sinclair

September 22, 2016
Nicola Sinclair

The work of author Nicola Sinclair is a showcase for the sweeping grandeur, intrigue and romanticism of Australia, Sinclair’s homeland. Each of the three books in her Peter’s Junction series — Secret, Promise, and Redemption — are not only fascinating portraits of flawed characters who find solace in one another, but also glimpses into day-to-day life in the country that Sinclair loves so dearly.

Sinclair’s most recent novel, Redemption, tells the story of Paul Blakely, a man intent on spending the rest of his life alone and miserable as atonement for his past actions. But when he crosses paths with Stacey, whose goal is to make others happy, Paul finds himself slowly shedding his prickly facade. But in the process, Stacey learns that she has to confront her own insecurities in order for her to find happiness with Paul. READ MORE



May 12, 2016

Numerous studies have demonstrated the positive effect that music can have on children, helping to stimulate parts of the brain related to memory, creativity and emotional development.

With this in mind, 12-piece Australian musical collective Kinderjazz has been composing blues, ragtime, jazz and swing music for children since Christobel Llewellyn founded the group in 1997, releasing nine albums along the way and performing in some of the most prestigious venues in the world, including the Sydney Opera House, Daring Harbour, Parramatta Stadium, Stadium Australia and many more.

In April of 2016, Kinderjazz’s song “Do the Latin Alphabet” was named Best Children’s Song at the Akademia Music Awards. The song appears on the group’s 2015 album, Teddy Bear’s Picnic. READ MORE


Michelle Jenneke

January 9, 2015
michelle jenneke

In July of 2012, Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke became a worldwide sensation when a video of her playful pre-race warm-up routine at the IAAF World Junior Championships went viral on YouTube. Born in Sydney, Australia, Jenneke began training as a hurdler at the age of 10 at the Cherrybrook Athletics Club, under the tutelage of coach Mick Zisti.

Jenneke competed in the Australian Junior Championships in March of 2010, finishing first in the 100m hurdles and helping to break the Australian record in the women’s sprint medley relay. Four months later, she represented Australia at the Summer Youth Olympics in Singapore, where she won the silver medal in the 100m hurdles. At the Australian Junior Championships in 2011, Jenneke finished first in the hurdles in the Under-20 group and, in April of that year, competed at the 89th Australian Athletics Championships, where she finished third, behind world champion Sally Pearson. READ MORE


Sofia Diana Gabel

December 3, 2014

Born in Sydney, Australia, Sofia Diana Gabel is fiction author who has dabbled in various genres including young adult, science fiction, women’s fiction, romance and thrillers. Her first published novel, A Woman’s Way, was released in 2011 and told the story of 19th century feminist Maria Deraismes. Gabel blends historical fact with fiction as she details Deraismes’ struggle against misogyny and the French government during the turbulent 1870s in Paris.

In 2013, Gabel published Two Brothers: Origin, the first book in a young adult science fiction trilogy. A engaging tale of love, drama and action, the trilogy continued with 2014’s Two Brothers: Heritage, and the third book in the series is forthcoming. In November of 2014, Gable published Charity’s Heart, a suspenseful historical romance, and Pest Control, an environmental satire, was released on November 24th. READ MORE