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Diarrhea Planet

September 29, 2014

Perhaps unsurprisingly, those who are unfamiliar with the music of raucous Nashville six-piece band Diarrhea Planet tend to focus on their name. Until they hear them play, that is. After that, the band’s scatological moniker ceases to matter, lost in a thunderous barrage of explosive hooks, riffs and solos that seamlessly blend the best aspects of punk, pop and classic rock.

Formed in 2009 by frontman Jordan Smith, along with friend Evan P. Donohue and drummer Casey Weissbuch, Diarrhea Planet was their answer to the far-too-serious environment at Belmont University, where they were students. Bassist Mike Boyle and guitarist Brent Toler joined shortly thereafter, and the band released their debut EP, Aloha, which tallied over 10,000 downloads. After Donohue left the band in 2010, guitarists Evan Bird and Emmett Miller were added to the roster, and their twelve additional strings enabled Diarrhea Planet to begin writing the sort of bombastic, stadium-sized tunes that are showcased on their 2011 LP Loose Jewels. READ MORE


Those Darlins

June 23, 2014

With their 2013 album Blur the Line, Nashville rock band Those Darlins have honed their unique sound and set out to explore the complex, contradictory nature of themselves as individuals and as a band. Simultaneously tough and seductive, Blur the Line is loaded with tracks that combine heavy rhythms and distorted guitars with captivating lyrics and ear-candy harmonies.

Originally founded in 2006 by Jessi Zazu, Nikki Kvarnes, and Kelley Anderson, Those Darlins got their start by covering Carter family songs with traditional southern instruments and released their first album, the self-titled Those Darlins, in 2009. After the tour to support their debut, drummer Linwood Regensburg joined the band as an official member,  and in 2011, the group recorded their next album, Screws Get Loose, which saw the band adopt more of an aggressive, garage rock sound. READ MORE