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Sofia Diana Gabel

December 3, 2014

Born in Sydney, Australia, Sofia Diana Gabel is fiction author who has dabbled in various genres including young adult, science fiction, women’s fiction, romance and thrillers. Her first published novel, A Woman’s Way, was released in 2011 and told the story of 19th century feminist Maria Deraismes. Gabel blends historical fact with fiction as she details Deraismes’ struggle against misogyny and the French government during the turbulent 1870s in Paris.

In 2013, Gabel published Two Brothers: Origin, the first book in a young adult science fiction trilogy. A engaging tale of love, drama and action, the trilogy continued with 2014’s Two Brothers: Heritage, and the third book in the series is forthcoming. In November of 2014, Gable published Charity’s Heart, a suspenseful historical romance, and Pest Control, an environmental satire, was released on November 24th. READ MORE