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Koos Verkaik

August 4, 2015
Koos Verkaik

Known in his native country as “The Dutch Stephen King,” author Koos Verkaik is an exceptional storyteller with a fertile imagination whose work weaves intricate tales of magic, mystery and adventure.

Born in Holland, Verkaik began writing at the age of seven, penning stories of talking animals with accompanying illustrations in schoolbooks. When he was 16, Sjors magazine began publishing his comics and, two years later, he wrote his first novel, Adolar, over the course of a weekend and subsequently had it published by Civo the Hague.

Since that time, Verkaik has written and published over 60 titles, both novels and children’s books. Both Alvader and Wolfstranen were met with critical acclaim, earning Verkaik numerous comparisons to Stephen King. He is currently hard at work on his current series, Alex and the Wolpertinger, for which he plans to publish 30 individual entries. READ MORE


Stuart Thaman

April 15, 2015
Stuart Thaman Death of a King

Back in May of 2014, we met Stuart Thaman, author of Vatican Massacre, a work of religious fiction that topped Amazon’s bestseller lists, and The Goblin Wars Part One: Siege of Talonrend, a fantasy novel that explored the classic conflict of man versus beast from a unique perspective. A graduate of Hillsdale College and a resident of Cincinnati, where he teaches German for the Diocese of Covington, Thaman has been writing for as long as he can remember.

In August of 2014, he released the dark psychological thriller For We Are Many, and in March of 2015, he released the second installment in the Goblin Wars series, Death of a King, in which the citizens of Talonrend take to the road in search of their ancestral home as the threat of war bears down upon them.

To learn more about Thaman and his books, visit him online at READ MORE


Cris Pasqueralle

April 10, 2015

It was the Harry Potter series — and the experience of sharing in the adventures with his daughters — that led retired New York City police officer Cris Pasqueralle to become interested in the young adult fantasy genre. A voracious reader for many years, Pasqueralle decided to write a novel of his own, one that would allow kids and teens to stretch their imaginations while exploring a tale of magic, mystery and the strength of family bonds.

Published in August of 2014, Pasqueralle’s Destiny Revealed tells the story of 13-year-old twins Jack and Maddie Austin, who learn a shocking secret about their identities and embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

To learn more about Pasqueralle and his work, follow him on Twitter or Facebook.

What was your childhood like, and how did it shape who you are today? READ MORE


McCallum J. Morgan

February 10, 2015
McCallum Morgan

As a child, McCallum J. Morgan always wanted to write a book. Born and raised in the small town of Bonners Ferry, Idaho, Morgan spent his youth scribbling out ideas, drawing pictures, and living largely in a world of make-believe. Notebooks began to fill, and they didn’t stop.

McCallum discovered the Institute of Children’s Literature and enrolled in their writing course, Writing for Children and Teenagers and, for their second course, the 18-year-old rewrote those bursting notebooks into A Hole in the Ice. Published on September 19, 2014, the book is an epic Edwardian adventure that blends drama, intrigue and supernatural fantasy.

McCallum still draws and occasionally attacks an unfortunate piece of fabric with a sewing machine, and he may be spotted around Bonners Ferry, sporting his collection of bizarre clothing items, singing The Phantom of the Opera in French, or at the bakery near his home, drinking a caramel macchiato. To learn more about Morgan and his work, visit READ MORE


Susan Leigh Noble

February 4, 2015
Susan Leigh Noble

Long a fan of stories involving dragons and magic, Susan Leigh Noble was perhaps destined to become an author of her own fantasy novels. And in August of 2011, Noble began fulfilling that destiny with the publication of her first novel, Summoned. The first book in Noble’s The Elemental series, Summoned tells the story of a girl with remarkable powers who, along with an odd assortment of allies, embarks on a mystical adventure that will change her life forever.

Noble has since written two more books in the series — Quietus and Destiny — as well as a short story entitled “The Search” that focuses on Tosh, the telepathic cat featured in the series. Noble latest work, The Heir to Alexandria, was released in January of 2015.

When she isn’t writing, Susan is an active volunteer in her neighborhood and at her children’s schools. She lives with her husband, two children and three cats in Texas. To learn more about her and her work, visit READ MORE