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Koos Verkaik

August 4, 2015
Koos Verkaik

Known in his native country as “The Dutch Stephen King,” author Koos Verkaik is an exceptional storyteller with a fertile imagination whose work weaves intricate tales of magic, mystery and adventure.

Born in Holland, Verkaik began writing at the age of seven, penning stories of talking animals with accompanying illustrations in schoolbooks. When he was 16, Sjors magazine began publishing his comics and, two years later, he wrote his first novel, Adolar, over the course of a weekend and subsequently had it published by Civo the Hague.

Since that time, Verkaik has written and published over 60 titles, both novels and children’s books. Both Alvader and Wolfstranen were met with critical acclaim, earning Verkaik numerous comparisons to Stephen King. He is currently hard at work on his current series, Alex and the Wolpertinger, for which he plans to publish 30 individual entries. READ MORE