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Patrick King

April 25, 2014

Patrick King has been a San Francisco-area dating and image consultant since 2010, and has studied human psychology and interaction for over 10 years.

Somewhere among the many clients throughout the years, he decided to flesh out his inner monologue on dating and human interaction, and found that he had quite a bit to say. He has a unique emotional intelligence that allows him to understand exactly what makes his clients tick and use it to their advantage.

In December of 2013, he published Did She Reply Yet? The Gentleman’s Guide to Owning Online Dating and his most recent work, Chatter: Small Talk, Charisma, and How to Talk to Anyone, was released in March of 2014.

When he’s not helping clients conquer the online dating world, he’s either pretending he’s a 1980s pop singer at karaoke bars or training for his next 10k. READ MORE