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John Lindsay

June 6, 2014

John Lindsay launched in June 2009, taking prank emails to another level as he interacted with individuals he found by way of Craigslist and reveled in their gullibility. Posing as a customer or seller, Lindsay responded to a variety of classified ads, making ridiculous offers to unsuspecting victims. With a unique ability to incite exasperation, confusion and rage — sometimes all three simultaneously — Lindsay’s site became an internet sensation.

In April of 2010, Lindsay released Emails from an A**hole: Real People Being Stupid, the book version of his immensely popular site.

How did come about?

It started back when I was in college and my car’s transmission blew up. I was going through Craigslist trying to find a cheap car to buy, and was quickly getting fed up with all the BS I had to sift through. Finally, I saw one ad in the “For Sale by Owner” section that was pretty much this entitled woman demanding a Ford Explorer for her “3 beautiful girls” and the car had to be pretty much perfect. For $1500. The icing on the cake was that she included a picture of herself. The whole thing just irked me, so I decided I was gonna respond to her ad and see if I could get under her skin. I started out trying to sell her a piece of crap Bronco, then a car that was completely totaled, then the Ford Explorer from Jurassic Park, and she was more and more furious every time I emailed her. I thought it was hilarious, so I passed these emails around to my friends. Then I started responding to other ridiculous ads, messing with the people in similar ways. It eventually evolved into me coming up with absurd scenarios for anyone gullible enough to believe me. READ MORE


Gerard Jones

March 10, 2014

Gerard Jones is well-acquainted with rejection. As the author of Ginny Good, a poignant memoir exploring the lives of four individuals in San Francisco beginning in the 1960s, Jones was turned down by nearly every agent, editor and publisher in the western world, which led him to create, a comprehensive directory of literary and talent agents in the United States and Canada. For over a decade, the site has served as a valuable resource for aspiring authors, and perhaps a bit of a warning as well, advising them that getting a book published is never as easy as one might think.

Originally hailing from Royal Oak, Michigan, ten miles north of Detroit, Jones describes his childhood as “idyllic,” complete with building forts in trees, playing kick-the-can, knocking out streetlights with slingshots, having block parties on Halloween and hanging American flags on the 4th of July. When Jones was in high school, he and his family moved to California, setting into motion the events Jones recounts in his memoir. READ MORE