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Logan Roberts

May 13, 2015
Logan Roberts Marsh Wear

Founded in 2010 by Captain Logan Roberts, a USCG-licensed fishing guide, Marsh Wear Clothing is a Charleston, South Carolina-based apparel company that celebrates life on the water. With a focus on quality, authenticity and the use of locally-sourced materials, Marsh Wear Clothing works with artists and anglers from across the United States to produce clothing that truly captures the saltwater soul. The result is an inventory filled with one-of-a-kind designs and a brand that is steadily gaining steam throughout the Southeast.

As a child, Roberts spent his summers chasing fish and small waves on Folly Beach, South Carolina, and by the age of 18, he was a certified captain, running charters and sharing his love of fishing. Dissatisfied with the apparel options available for young anglers, he created Marsh Wear Clothing and began selling his goods at the local boat ramp. Before long, retailers caught on, and today the brand has sales in 36 states across the country. READ MORE


Joseph Olewitz

February 25, 2015
22nd Story Strategies

Coach, mentor and sales professional Joseph Olewitz spent 14 years generating growth and implementing business development plans at multi-national digital agencies before founding his own company, 22nd Story Strategies, in 2010. Created in response to demand from entrepreneurs and executives who realized that an experienced individual such as Olewitz could provide invaluable opinions and guidance with regards to revenue growth, 22nd Story Strategies has helped a wide range of businesses meet and exceed their sales and revenue goals.

Based in New York City, Olewitz works with companies around the world, helping them build and implement strategic plans for revenue growth based on existing and new business models plus building teams that maximize their earning potential.

For more about Olewitz, visit his blog at, and check out to learn more the services offered by 22nd Story Strategies. READ MORE


Thomas Russell

January 22, 2015

Every day, one in four students is bullied. According to an American Justice Department survey, 160,000 students miss school each day out of fear of being bullied, and one in ten teens drop out of school completely due to repeated bullying. Against the backdrop of this increasingly-important issue, author Thomas Russell’s Finding Your True North: A Bullied Teen’s Journey of Hope depicts the life of an oppressed teen who learns life-changing, soul-searching lessons from the residents of an unfamilar town.

Formerly a freelance writer and the editor of RV Trade Digest, Russell is now a mentor for Five Star Life, an organization that teaches values to middle school children. Inspired by the issues these children were encountering on a daily basis and seeking to make a difference in the lives of bullied children around the world, Russell wrote his book over the course of four months and had it published in August of 2014. READ MORE