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Tom Schaefer

July 17, 2015
Tom Schaefer

Much of the current crop of science-fiction writing takes place in dreary, post-apocalyptic dystopias, complete with visions of nuclear rubble, viruses, starvation and desperation. Author Tom Schaefer envisions a brighter outcome, however, one more in line with a utopia than a dystopia. In his debut novel, Tu & the Collectors, Schaefer explores the possibility that, with a little guidance, humanity could attain a bright, hopeful future.

Prior to embarking on a career as a writer, Schaefer served in the U.S. Navy submarine service, then worked for years as a computer programmer and web developer. He has long had a love of photography and art, and has been a fan of science-fiction since he was a boy.

To learn more about Schaefer and his writing, visit him online at

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