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Jim Levatte

October 27, 2016
Jim Levatte

Born and raised in the railroad and manufacturing town of Smith Falls, Ontario, Jim Levatte was drawn to music at a young age. While all of his friends played hockey, Levatte gravitated towards the guitar, and he wrote his first song at the age of nine.

As he got older, Levatte and his band honed their country music sound performing on the local club scene, releasing six studio albums along the way. After a car accident in 2013 forced him to leave behind his successful construction business, Levatte decided to focus all of his attention on his music career, and the result has been a creative surge that has led to over 50 hours of demo tape and thousands of song ideas. Among them is Levatte’s newest single, “This Ain’t My Day,” which debuted at #68 on the New Music Weekly country charts. Featuring Levatte’s gravelly vocals atop a honky-tonk piano and some bar-room guitars, the song will be featured on Levatte’s upcoming self-titled album. READ MORE


R.S. Penney

September 2, 2015
R.S. Penney

Born in Ontario, author R.S. Penney has spent most of his life fighting for the little guy in some form or another, from advocating for the poor and minority rights to campaigning for environmental sustainability. During his twenties, Penny wrote several novels, but threw them all out because they weren’t, in his opinion, good enough for public consumption. But with each subsequent manuscript, his writing skills improved.

Two years ago, Penney received an offer from a traditional publishing house, but opted instead to independently release his debut novel, Symbiosis. A unique blending of Star Trek and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Symbiosis tells the story of Anna Lenai, an officer of the law from the far reaches of space who, while pursuing a criminal, stumbles upon Earth. She befriends a young man named Jack Hunter and, together, the pair must fight side-by-side to complete her mission with the fate of the galaxy at stake. READ MORE