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Dan Dizio

December 18, 2015
Dan Dizio

Dan DiZio got his start in the pretzel business at the age of 11, when a neighbor by the name of Steve Nuel recruited him to help sell bags of fresh pretzels to drivers of cars stopped at red lights along Roosevelt Boulevard in northeast Philadelphia. Back then, there were just ten pretzel-making machines in the city of Philadelphia, with the bakers working all night and selling the fresh pretzels to vendors, convenience stores, schools and office workers before closing their factories each morning.

After graduating from East Stroudsburg University, DiZio briefly worked as a stockbroker before he and his college roommate, Len Lehman, returned to the pretzel business in 1998, when they purchased a 1920s pretzel-making machine for $11,500 and rented a space in the Mayfair area of Philadelphia. No strangers to entrepreneurship — in college, the pair ran a “party house,” charging $5 a head and hiring a cleaning crew to come in in the morning — they initially planned on baking at night and closing in the morning, like traditional bakers. But when the smell of freshly baked pretzels wafting through the neighborhood had customers lining up at the door, they realized they were onto something. READ MORE


Johnny Trevisani

September 25, 2015
Johnny Trevisani

Born in the suburbs of Philadelphia, the youngest in a nuclear family, Johnny Trevisani is a musician and writer who, over the course of his life, developed a fascination with the dark side of life. For most of his career, Trevisani worked as a software designer and developer. In his free time, he penned articles for several popular political blogs and wrote and performed music. Trevisani’s song “She’s Crying At My Funeral” was included in the 2004 feature film Lost, starring Danny Trejo and Dean Cain.

In July of 2015, Strawberry Books published Trevisani’s Serial Killer Quote of the Day: 365 Days of Serial Killers Uncut and In Their Own Words, a fascinating glimpse into the warped minds of serial killers. Offering a unique quote for each day of the year, the book examines the philosophies, fantasies and dark justifications of some of the most notorious murderers from throughout history. READ MORE


Lauren Hart

November 5, 2014

Recording artist Lauren Hart was, quite literally, born into the Philadelphia Flyers family. The daughter of Hall of Fame announcer Gene Hart, the legendary voice of the team from their 1967 debut through the 1994-95 season, Lauren was fell in love with music in the second grade and began performing at Flyers games while still in junior high school. In 1997, after signing with Columbia Records and recording her first album, Painted Bride, Lauren began singing the Star-Spangled Banner before every Flyers home game. But in 1999, shortly after the death of her father, Hart learned she had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a blood cancer with a 50-50 rate of survival. She was dropped by Columbia Records and was without health insurance while undergoing intensive cancer treatment. She found strength, though, in the Flyers fans, who supported her as she continued to perform each night. READ MORE

Actors & Actresses, Musicians

Tiffany Baldwin

September 25, 2014

A native of Philadelphia, Tiffany Baldwin has been performing for most of her life. As a teen, she worked professionally as a singer and actress in New York, and at the age of 17, she moved to Los Angeles to study psychology at UCLA and pursue her Hollywood dreams. In 2005, she appeared in, also starring Beau Bridges and Rosanna Arquette, and followed that up with a role in The Sinners in 2010. In 2013, she played the character of Marti on The Young & The Restless.

Music, however, has always been Baldwin’s first love. A gifted guitarist and pianist, she has toured North America with numerous bands and has appeared as a backup vocalist on several records.

These days, the singer and songwriter continues to perform in and around Los Angeles. Readers can learn more and view upcoming events at or on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. READ MORE

Authors, Musicians

Nick Anastasi

June 5, 2014

Born in South Philadelphia during the Reagan Administration, Nick Anastasi spent much of his twenties traveling the United States as the lead guitarist for Fat City Reprise, a five-piece rock band named after Hunter S. Thompson’s bid for Pitkin County Sheriff in 1970. The band released a self-titled album in 2007 and, finding success on the west coast, relocated to California. Anastasi left the band in October of 2009 and has since moved back to Philadelphia and joined indie rock band Southwork.

In addition to his musical career, Anastasi is an avid writer, and he spent much of 2007 through 2009 covering anti-war, Prop 8 and various other protests for several blogs in Los Angeles.

In April of 2014, Anastasi released his first novel, A Better Mousetrap, a dystopian tale about questioning authority, realizing potential and following one’s heart in a bleak world. READ MORE