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Ed Roman

October 28, 2015
Ed Roman

Blurring the lines between pop, rock, folk and country, Ed Roman is an award-winning musician from Ontario who, thanks to his infectiously-eclectic sound, has garnered legions of fans – known as “Ed Heads” – across North America.

With his first album, 2000’s Special Ed and The Musically Challenged, Ed and his bandmates crafted an inventive, mesmerizing musical experience that they continued to refine on three follow-up albums. In 2011, Ed released his first solo venture, Oracles and Ice Cream, consisting of 22 tracks of hypnotic songwriting across a vast musical spectrum. Featuring poignant lyrics atop tantalizing melodies, Oracles and Ice Cream offered an exhilarating glimpse into the mind of a supremely gifted artist. Ed’s most recent solo album, Letters from High Latitudes, was released in 2014 to critical acclaim, receiving airplay on more than 100 radio stations across Canada and the United States and earning Roman recognition on the Hit Tracks Top 100 and CMG Radio charts, along with award nominations from both Artists in Music and the Artists Music Guild. READ MORE

Artists, Authors, Voice Actors

Nick Nixon

August 17, 2015
Nick Nixon

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Nick Nixon is an accomplished illustrator, writer and voiceover talent. Growing up, he became accustomed to being “the artist” in classes at school and, though he aspired be be the next Normal Rockwell, Nixon instead wound up in the field of advertising and graphic design, and in 1975 he founded Nixon & Associates, an advertising and design firm with clients around the globe.

As an illustrator, Nixon has provided artwork for books including Candy Moon and Candy Moon Choo, both by children’s author Londa Hayden, and he has written for Chicken Soup for the Soul. He has penned humor articles and drawn cartoons for Delivered Magazine and CH Reader Magazine, and he has done layout, writing and illustration work for various publications by Bartlett Christian Writers Group. READ MORE

Internet Celebrities, Philanthropists

Craig Newmark

January 2, 2015
Craig Newmark

Born in Morristown, New Jersey, in 1952, internet icon Craig Newmark originally attended Case Western University intending to study physics, but instead got into computers and earned his bachelor’s and master’s in computer science. After working with IBM for 17 years, then GM, Bank of America and Charles Schwab, Newmark created an email distribution list in 1995 in order to publicize arts and technology events for friends in the San Francisco area. In 1996, the list evolved into a web-based service and added additional categories and, twenty years later, craigslist is one of the most popular websites in the world, serving 20 billion pageviews per month in over 70 countries.

In March of 2011, Newmark launched craigconnects, his initiative to link everyone on the planet using social media to bear witness to good efforts and encourage the same behavior in others. Evolving from Newmark’s years of personal involvement with non-profit organizations, craigconnects supports technology and platforms that enhance connectivity, help more people and organizations do good in the world, and improve and ensure media integrity. READ MORE

Authors, Politicians

Patrick Quinlan

October 24, 2014

Born and raised in New York City as the youngest child in a large Irish-American family, Patrick Quinlan is a political activist, fundraiser, former gubernatorial candidate and critically-acclaimed author of seven novels. Quinlan began his career writing grant proposals and press releases at Greyston Bakery and the Greyston Foundation, where he helped raise millions of dollars to house homeless families and individuals with AIDS, and later worked in public relations for the National Science Foundation.

In 2002, Quinlan served as campaign manager for State Representative and Green Party member John Eder of Maine. Quinlan also served as a consultant to Eder’s 2004 campaign, and as Eder’s legislative aide at the Maine State House during 2004 and 2005. In 2009, Quinlan established an exploratory committee and began raising funds for a run for governor of Maine. He later withdrew, citing his recent divorce and a need for personal time. In 2010, he worked with Ben Chipman on his successful run for State Representative. READ MORE


Simon Gonzalez

April 22, 2014

Simon Gonzalez is a biotechnologist who has most recently designed DNA-based molecular detection devices. He received a Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology from Harvard and has coauthored several peer-reviewed articles.

In his spare time, he writes science fiction that is inspired by lab life and decades of comic book over-consumption. His first book, A Collaboration of Scientists, is available on his blog ( and will be released on Amazon soon. Simon is currently traveling and writing across the great state of Texas and may just end up setting up shop there.

As a molecular biologist, what does an average day look like for you?

Bleak! Throughout the day it’s a dance between pipetting stuff into tubes and trying to figure out why things aren’t working as you go along. During down time, you get to design and talk about all the cool experiments you wish you could get to if today’s experiment were to work. This goes on repeatedly, for many many days, until you finally pipette correctly and — if you’re lucky — you find something exciting. Then you spend a week or so making figures to convey the data and tediously, carefully writing the accompanying text to put together a scientific manuscript. You then send the article out for peer review at a journal and it’s invariably rejected by some nonspecialist editor. But, you know, somehow this approach works. Still, I love it. READ MORE