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Romance & Rebellion

October 17, 2016
Romance and Rebellion

With their most recent single, “Vanity Fair,” Los Angeles pop band Romance & Rebellion have crafted a soaring depiction of youthful infatuation, one complete with lush vocals layered atop addictive power pop beats reminiscent of 1960s rock. “Vanity Fair” was featured on the Romance & Rebellion’s debut EP, released in June of 2016, on which the group teamed with veteran pop producer Stefan Litrownik (Andy Grammer, One Direction) to hone their infectious sound into six glistening songs that are making waves in the music industry.

Featuring David LaViola (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Aaron Medina (lead guitar, harmony vocals), Brandon Davis (bass, harmony vocals), Aleksandr Landsberger (harmony guitar, harmony vocals), and Kyle Jordan Mueller (drums), Romance & Rebellion is the byproduct of four individuals who came to Los Angeles looking for something, but what they found was each other. And through their common belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, they discovered musical harmony. READ MORE