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Terry E. Lyle

August 29, 2016
Terry E. Lyle

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, Terry E. Lyle is a prolific author and poet who uses her confessional writing style to grant readers a candid glimpse into her soul. After a near-fatal car accident left her hopeless and disabled, Terry has been fighting her way back and has been using her writing to detail her daily battles. In her latest book, Broken, Terry shares the story of her journey through a gauntlet of drug use, homelessness, abuse, depression and near-death before finding her way back to God.

Over the course of her literary career, Terry has received the Editor’s Choice Award, is a member of the International Society of Poets, was a featured author in the Anthology of Expressions by White Oak Publishers, was a featured author with Eber & Wein Publications, and was featured in a publication called Voices, a poetry collection published by Unique Euphony Publications. READ MORE


Linda Diane Wattley

June 28, 2016
Linda Wattley

In her most recent book, Soldier with a Backpack: Living and Dying Simultaneously, author Linda Diane Wattley delves into her childhood to present a heartbreaking examination of the effect that trauma and stress can have on the human psyche. Years of mental, emotional and physical abuse left Wattley crippled by trust issues, but she prevailed, found strength in her spirituality and, over time, achieved inner peace.

Wattley’s earliest published work was a poem entitled “I Wish” that appeared in the Poetry Gem of the American Poets Society. For over 12 years, she had her own religious column in the Frost Illustrated Newspaper, in which she explored various philosophical topics and help to impart a divine message to her readers. In addition, Wattley’s writings have appeared in online magazines including Faith Writers, The Wright Side of Me Productions, The Blessed Room, and Cheers, and she also contributed to the anthologies The Triumph of My Soul and This Far by Faith. READ MORE


Sabriena Williams

August 13, 2015
Queen Sabriena Williams

A native of Gainesville, Florida, Sabriena Williams is an author and the founder of Queen Vision Ministries. After overcoming a traumatic childhood, Williams began to write at the age of 12, and within her notebooks, she was able to find a release for the feelings that she wasn’t able to enunciate verbally.

Williams received a degree in general studies from Edwards Waters College in Jacksonville and a degree in psychology from Bethune Cookman University in Daytona Beach. After her divorce from her high school sweetheart left her devastated and alone, Williams began hosting bible studies and prayer meetings in her apartment’s living room. These meetings gradually evolved into Total Vision Ministries. Designed to help women and young girls strengthen their relationship with God while pursuing their ordained purpose, Total Vision Ministries was rebranded as Queen Vision Ministries in 2014. READ MORE


Stuart Thaman

April 15, 2015
Stuart Thaman Death of a King

Back in May of 2014, we met Stuart Thaman, author of Vatican Massacre, a work of religious fiction that topped Amazon’s bestseller lists, and The Goblin Wars Part One: Siege of Talonrend, a fantasy novel that explored the classic conflict of man versus beast from a unique perspective. A graduate of Hillsdale College and a resident of Cincinnati, where he teaches German for the Diocese of Covington, Thaman has been writing for as long as he can remember.

In August of 2014, he released the dark psychological thriller For We Are Many, and in March of 2015, he released the second installment in the Goblin Wars series, Death of a King, in which the citizens of Talonrend take to the road in search of their ancestral home as the threat of war bears down upon them.

To learn more about Thaman and his books, visit him online at READ MORE



March 11, 2015

Born in 1962 to Murray Jay and Rose Annette Mabin, minister and radio host RobinLynne was raised in Tacoma, Washington and, at the age of 17, enlisted in the United States Air Force, where she developed skills in the fields of telecommunications and computer operations. But a sexual assault early in her military career left her with severe post-traumatic stress disorder and, for over 20 years, her condition went undiagnosed and untreated.

Since overcoming depression and homelessness brought on by her condition, RobinLynne has found her calling as a minister and the founder of Vibes-Live Radio, where she provides exposure to business owners, independent artist and other ministries from around the world. In addition, she is a proud member of Total Victory Christian Center and a community advocate for Family in Distress, a non-profit organization serving South Florida. READ MORE