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July 11, 2014

Born in Osaka, Japan in 1976, video game developer iToken currently resides in Taiwan, where he is hard at work on the follow-up to his 2013 release, Womb, a sci-fi tale taking place in the lonely solitude of an abandoned space station, as the protagonist toes the thin line between sanity and insanity.

Readers can learn more about iToken and his projects here.

What was your introduction to the world of role-playing games? Perhaps along those same lines, are there any particularly memorable gaming experiences from your childhood that you still fondly recall?

The first RPG game I played was Mother 2. I think in the U.S., it was release as Earthbound. We were the only family at that time that had the NES console in the neighborhood, so many of my friends would come to our house and play with us. They all wanted to play games like Super Mario Bros., Punch Out, etc., taking turns. When my turn comes, I boot up Earthbound and all of them go home, because they don’t dig RPGs at that time and not to mention the long playing time. I was hooked into RPGs because it’s the first time that I played a game that tells a story. Zelda, Pirate Higermaru, Chrono Trigger… those were classics. READ MORE

Video Game Developers

Ross Tunney

June 12, 2014

Video game developer Ross Tunney is the creative director and head developer at New Reality Games, the studio responsible for the Data Hacker series, which began as a hobby project for Tunney and has since blossomed into a series played by gamers all over the world. The series explores the idea of the existence of countless virtual realms existing beyond our current understanding or reach, blurring the lines of reality. The third game in the series, Data Hacker: Reboot, is a classically-styled RPG that is currently under development, and New Reality Games is seeking investors via Kickstarter. Featuring a unique story, precise pixel movement, challenging puzzles, engaging combat and beautiful environments, the game builds upon the world unveiled in the two previous games in the series, Data Hacker: Initiation and Data Hacker: Corruption. READ MORE

Video Game Developers

Jeremy Zink

May 12, 2014

From a very young age, video game developer Jeremy Zink wanted to create games. Even before he began working on his first game, he conceived of an entire series of adventures, including character designs, storylines, gameplay features and more.

“Game design is very meaningful to me,” Zink muses. “It’s a powerful form of creative expression that combines all art forms into one interactive experience.”

His first game, Elements: Soul of Fire, was completed with the assistance of his father and features 21 playable characters and over 70 hours of gameplay.

What was your childhood like, and what made you first want to create your own games?

First of all, I just want to say that being a creator is awesome, and the greatest thing ever. I’d rather have no other talent than the ability to create. As well, to me, Elements isn’t just a game; it’s a story about a world filled with characters who feel. A lot of video games don’t get the credit they deserve, in some cases even from those who create them. Some people consider them trite, while others treat them as art; I find myself siding with the latter. READ MORE

Video Game Developers

Indinera Falls

May 6, 2014

Remember the 16-bit role-playing games, such as Final Fantasy 3, Dragon Quest and Phantasy Star IV?

Indinera Falls does, and as the founder of Aldorlea Games, the veteran video game developer has made it his goal to bring users unforgettable and rich RPG gaming experiences in the vein of those classics, complete with huge worlds, exciting stories and fantastic characters.

Indinera began making games in 2001, and Aldorlea’s first release, Laxius Force, was met with both critical and commercial success. Numerous games have followed, including a pair of sequels to Laxius Force, the acclaimed Millenium series, Asguaard, The Book of Legends, Moonchild and their most recent release, UndefeatedAs a natural consequence of Aldorlea’s constant growth, three of their games were included on Steam in 2014, the latest with the first episode of the popular and greenlighted saga Millennium. READ MORE

Video Game Developers

Janrae Mendoza

May 2, 2014

Janrae Mendoza is a video game developer and the creator of Honesty Games. Born and raised in the Philippines, Mendoza attended King’s College of the Philippines and the College of Saint Adeline, where he studied game development and took a Trainer’s Methodology Plus for Creative Arts in Game Programming at the University of Makati.

In 2011, he founded Honesty Games, and released Kagerou Days, a rhythm game based in RPG Maker.

He is also currently a Game Development instructor at the Cordillera School of Digital Arts.

What initially drew you to video games, and how did you first get involved with programming games of your own?

I was inspired by the creators of Breath of Fire IV and the Phantasy Star series when I was young. Being addicted to both franchises, I started to learn programming at the age of 13. Back then, my cousin was helping me cope up with how to code. When I got to college, I started coding simple games in Java. My first involvement in making a game I really started was for my portfolio when I was 16. READ MORE