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Dylan Orchard

June 2, 2014

Author Dylan Orchard sees the world differently than most, with a eye for dark comedy and surrealist fantasy. A London native, Orchard is prone to bouts of enthusiastic swearing to mark moments of anger, joy and indifference. And most things in between.

In March of 2014, Orchard published his debut, Laikanist Times, a blending of humor, satire and sci-fi that explores the wonders and woes of religion, science, belief and talking animals.

Orchard followed that up in May of 2014 with his first full-length novel, Crashed America, which features guns, demons, backwoods mysticism and a Satanic Ronald Reagan, all set against the backdrop of an idealized America and the ominously looming End of Days.

Readers can learn more about Orchard and his works at

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