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A Victim of Good Times

April 29, 2014

Philadelphia-area band A Victim Of Good Times was formed in 2011 by vocalist/guitarist Matt Gaines and bassist Mike Lebovitz, who were later joined by lead guitarist Clay Thomas and drummer Dan Sagherian. Since that time, the group has been creating live show mirages of bumper Nash skateboards, knee scrapes and the backseat of your parents’ borrowed car throughout the Philadelphia area.

Drawing on ’90s indie-rock mainstays like Dinosaur Jr, Pixies, Modest Mouse and Sunny Day Real Estate, the band has just finished recording their first full length album,The Full Catastrophe, which is available for download here.

For upcoming show dates, check out their Facebook page or their website.

What are your respective musical backgrounds?

Matt: I grew up with The Doors, Public Enemy and punk rock. I started playing solo acoustic songs at open mic nights. I later started November Radio, then formed A Victim Of Good Times. READ MORE