Tiffany Boyle

December 23, 2014

In January of 2015, the first issue of Emerge Magazine will hit newsstands across the United States. Founded by marketing professional Tiffany Boyle, Emerge will provide exposure to small business owners in a wide variety of fields. The debut issue will feature profiles of R&B star Ms. Leela James, entrepreneur Kerry Hines, CNN producer Zaina Adamu, Target Evolution founder Crystal Victoria and many more.

A native of Florida currently residing in Virginia, Boyle is a graduate of Wesleyan College’s business school and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in management at University of Maryland University College in Adelphi, Maryland. Boyle is also the Executive Director of Access Virginia, a non-profit organization that provides open captioning access for the disabled at live theatres and public venues.

To learn more about Boyle and Emerge Magazine, visit www.emergethemagazine.com.

tiffany-boyleWhat was your upbringing like, and how has it shaped who you are today?

My upbringing was great. I had a very blessed childhood and through my adolescent years. I was born in the gorgeous city of Miami. My dad’s side of the family is from New Orleans and my mom’s is from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Who wouldn’t have had a great upbringing with those locations? I lived in Miami during my elementary days. Then my family moved to Virginia for my middle school years. After that I moved with my family which consists of my dad, mom, and younger brother, to Saudi Arabia. That experience was amazing. During the years my family was in Saudi Arabia I went to boarding school in Germany. A nice Christian school called Black Forest Academy. I finished high school there. I made lifelong friends who are more family than friends. Of course, my upbringing helped shaped me. I consider myself a well-rounded person. I love people. I love diversity. I love to learn about different cultures. I love to eat good food from everywhere. I get frustrated when I can’t step foot in an airport for a while. Traveling is my passion. My upbringing is what caused my love for making connections.

How did you initially become interested in the world of marketing and business?

I got interested in businesses when I worked for the City of Newport News and actually issued business licenses. My next job working for the shipyard sparked my interest in marketing. I was a sales rep and had to go to conferences and build these lasting business relationships. I realized I was good at it and loved it. The nerves I felt when a person would walk up to me wondering what am I going to say, am I going to sound intelligent, am I going to answer their questions was a thrill for me. That job gave me the courage to actually finish Emerge and see it come to fruition.

Who are your biggest inspirations and/or role models?

The most notable influence, and there are many, I would have to say is Oprah. She came from very little and has built her empire and helped so many people along the way. I would also have to mention Susan Taylor. She was the editor for Essence and built that brand. Of course, my family has very strong women. I could sit here and mention every one of my grandmas and aunts, but I have many aunts. They have all done wonderful things from owning their own businesses to building other people’s businesses. My mother is definitely an inspiration. She has always been a hard worker and independent. She taught and is still teaching me how to be strong and go for my dreams.

What are your goals with Emerge Magazine?

My goal for Emerge is to be more than a magazine. I want it to be the place where people who are starting in the business industry come to for advice, for exposure, and for loans. I want Emerge to be the company that business owners that have been in their industry for years to come to for advice, for exposure, to mentor the novices, and to add credibility. Emerge is interested in promoting all talents. If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur, contact us to be featured either in our magazine or online blog.

How has the advent of social media in recent years affected the process of starting and running a successful business?

In many ways, social media has helped the process of starting and running a successful business. Tons of information is on the internet to learn how to start a business. Social media helps with networking to connect with other people who have started similar businesses. Advertising does not cost as much because you can advertise all day long with social media for free. The downside of social media is that competition is greater because everyone has access to companies similar to yours.

What are the toughest challenges you’ve faced in getting Emerge Magazine up and running?

Teamwork. That is number one. Finding qualified people who believe in my dream and are willing to work either for free or for very little to get the dream off the ground.

Advertisers. That is number two. Finding businesses who are willing to pay for advertising.

How do you relax or unwind after a long day?

I relax by watching a movie with my daughter or doing arts and crafts. I am not real good at it, but we have fun. I will read a verse out of the Bible that populates on my home screen on my phone.

What magazines do you read on a regular basis?

I read Essence, Fitness Magazine, and Life.

If you could only eat at one fast food restaurant for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Chick-Fil-A. I don’t get that bad feeling after I eat it, like, “Oh man, I shouldn’t have eaten that sandwich.”

If you could change one thing about the world or society, what would it be?

I would change understanding. People — not all people — don’t understand. I think if we understood change or diversity or things that are different, our world would be rid of hate or prejudice. I love to learn about other cultures; their food, their religion, and their traditions. I take the time to understand them.

If you could offer any advice to your ten-year-old self, what would it be?

That is easy because I have a mini-me. My daughter, Amia, is nine and the advice I give her is be true to yourself. If you are true to yourself then you will work hard to be the best real you you can be.


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